420 Seeds Review – One of Holland’s Most Famous Seed Banks

If you’re planning to buy marijuana online, you might have probably come across different cannabis seed banks from around the world. Europe has several seed banks, and you might have probably heard of 420 Seeds.

Like most cannabis seed banks in Europe, 420 Seeds has been around for a while and has been in the cannabis industry since 1999.

Their goal is to provide their customers with the finest genetics of cannabis at your doorstep.

Today, let’s dive deeper into the history and present-day 420 Seeds. I will comprehensively review one of Holland’s most reputable cannabis seed banks.

420 Seeds Overview and History

Guaranteed BEST PRICE

420 Seeds has been in the cannabis industry since 1999 and is located in Holland.

They have been making seeds for a wide variety of uses. They have it from feminized seeds, auto-flowering strains, pure Indicas, pure Sativas, and you name it.

They have worked hard with other reputable breeders to bring out the best cannabis strains possible at a cheaper rate to all customers worldwide!

420 Seeds is also eager enough to share its knowledge and expertise in the cannabis industry with just a simple push of a button on its website.

They have plenty of guides and workarounds for developing the best strains with the best genetics possible on their website.


  • Accepts a wide variety of payment options
  • Over 1,500 cannabis strains
  • Germination guarantee
  • Free seeds after every order
  • Stealth delivery
  • Reasonably priced
  • The safe arrival of seeds


  • Customer service issues
  • Deliver issues

Product Quality

The quality of cannabis seeds from 420 Seeds is unparalleled. It went through a series of tests to ensure what goes out of its company is of high quality and is the gold standard of what they do.

I also noticed they collaborated with different breeders across Europe, which is great. This collaboration allows for the storming of ideas to ensure they provide the best genes possible.

I’ve also seen some reviews of the quality of their product; while it’s mostly mixed, some positive reviews are more than enough to tell me they provide premium-quality strains at a more affordable rate.

420 Seeds is by no means perfect; there might be problems along the way, but they control what they can control, and it is to ensure every seed you order arrives safely and securely at your doorstep.

Strain Choice

420 Seeds caters to a wide variety of consumers; whether they’re a grower or smoker or need it for medical reasons, they have everything at their disposal.

From autoflowering to regular, feminized, and even medicinal cannabis, 420 Seeds has over 1,500 cannabis strains.

Here are some of their most popular cannabis strains:

  • Girl Scout Cookies – Feminized Seeds
  • THC Bomb – Feminized Seeds
  • Gorilla Bomb – Regular Seeds
  • Cherry Bomb – Regular Seeds
  • Northern Lights – Feminized Seeds
  • Tangerine Dream – Feminized Seeds
  • OG Kush – Feminized Seeds
  • Pineapple Kush – Regular Seeds
  • Lemon Haze – Regular Seeds

Based on their site, they also have several categories in which you can tailor-fit your cannabis strain based on different factors, such as budget, yield, THC, CBD, flowering, and height.

You must input the qualities you like; after that, certain cannabis seed strains will appear. These cannabis strains meet the criteria of what you are looking for, making your life a tad easier for looking at the strain of your choice.

Payment Options


What I liked about 420 Seeds is they accept a wide variety of payment options. Whether I want to purchase their products via credit card or online bank transfer, they have it.

In addition, they also accept bitcoin and international money orders. 

Now that’s surprising! I experienced problems with some other seed banks because they lacked variety and more convenient payment options, but with 420 Seeds, I didn’t encounter any problems.

Currencies Accepted

These are the currencies accepted by 420 Seeds:

  • GBP – Great British Pounds
  • EUR – Euros
  • US Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Japanese Yen

Shipping Methods and Discreet Shipping

420 Seeds also offers stealth shipping which I loved the most. You wouldn’t want a courier displaying all your details on your package, right?

Especially where I live, many neighbors aren’t accepting the new norm of using cannabis for different purposes. They also offer free shipping for UK clients for a minimum purchase of £60.

For customers worldwide, shipping discounts vary depending on how much you’ve spent on their products.

What this means is the higher you spend money on their products, the bigger the discounts, now that’s something!

420-seeds stealth shipping

In addition, there are several stealth shipping options to choose from:

UK Stealth – £3.50

It is one of their cheapest shipping options. Your package still gets all the love and care, but it is the most basic form of stealth shipping. It will be sent to you via the Royal Mail.

Guaranteed UK Stealth Plus – £11.50

Your package is sent stealthily and with the utmost care possible. Your cannabis seeds are guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep. Your package also comes with the breeders’ packaging if available.

Worldwide Stealth Plus – £6.00

Worldwide stealth plus is their most basic worldwide shipping option for customers worldwide.

Your cannabis seeds come in simple packaging but with padded cushioning or crush-resistant to avoid bad seeds. Your package is unmarked for discretion, but no tracking number is provided or signatures are needed.

Worldwide Guaranteed Stealth – £9.00

This type of shipping method is secretive and secure. 420 Seeds uses different types of packaging to ensure your cannabis seeds are far away from the prying eyes of people. 

It may be in the form of an envelope or products that make your packages well-hidden. This option has a tracking code, but required signatures may vary depending on your country.

Guaranteed Worldwide Stealth Plus+ – £16.00

This shipping method allows your package to be sent with a tracking code until it arrives on your doorstep. In addition, it comes with the breeder’s packaging for your peace of mind.

If your package has yet to arrive within the next 25 working days, another package will be sent to you at no cost!

NOTE: If you encounter problems with your package or seeds, you can send pictures of the damaged items first. Once both parties have agreed that it came with a dent or damage, 420 Seeds will send a replacement package on the same business day.

If you’re unhappy with how the seeds arrived or their current condition, you can call them, and they have a responsive hotline.

Free Seeds

with every order!

As I’ve mentioned, every order you have comes with 5 to 10 free cannabis seeds. What’s impressive is you get to choose which one suits your need if you’re having a problem choosing what seeds is best for you:

  • Option 1: If you’re undecided on which cannabis seeds to pick, 420 Seeds will do the heavy work for you! This option will give you many cannabis seeds ranging from feminized, Autoflowering, and regular seeds.
  • Option 2: 420 Seeds will give you the luxury of having all feminized seeds to try out. Of course, these are all on the house!
  • Option 3: 420 Seeds will give you some of the fastest auto-flowering cannabis seeds at their disposal. No questions asked; you get the best of them FOR FREE!

Overall, I’m impressed with how these free seeds ought to be. You seldom find cannabis seed banks that let you pick and choose seeds on a whim.

It is one of the reasons that separates 420 Seeds from the rest of the competition!


420-seeds.com is a free-flowing and easy-to-use website. It is very beginner-friendly and posts all the necessary information you need. You can discover a wide selection of cannabis seeds they sell and different options available.

One thing I’m pleased about their website is they include a cannabis guide that teaches you the basics of the cannabis industry. They have many blog posts teaching you the do’s and don’ts, the how-to’s, and many more.

I rarely find that section on a cannabis seed bank’s website; this feature only means they are more than willing to cater to their client’s needs. I’m quite impressed.

There’s also a section wherein you can sort out different cannabis seeds based on what you need, and you can pick from Autoflowering, top strains, feminized, regular, and breeder’s choice. Whether old or new to cannabis, they have all the information you need.

Customer Service

Based on what I’ve scoured through the internet, they have decent customer service, which is different from what I expected.

While 420 Seeds doesn’t promise a 100% germination rate, they promise a high chance of germination.

At the bottom of their website, you can see different information regarding their contact details, email, and frequently asked questions.

In addition, to save time, you can refer to their frequently asked questions tab if you have other questions regarding their products and services.

If not, they have provided their contact details and promised to be as responsive as possible. They are available from 9 AM to 5 PM GMT, Monday to Friday.

If you’re contacting them outside of office hours, expect a response within 72 hours.

Discounts, Promotions, and Reward Programs

from 10%-35% OFF

You’ll be pleased about 420 Seeds; despite being one of the older cannabis seed banks, they host many promotions and discounts that have become a rarity amongst the oldest cannabis seed banks in this industry.

420 Seeds often offers 10 to 35% discounts on various strains. On top of that, you also get to have free seeds from every order you have, which I have found to be most of the bargaining deals these seed banks are offering.

Also, their discounts and promotions don’t apply to only a few strains; almost ALL of their strains have pre-included discounts and deals, which feels like the icing on the cake if you ask me.

However, I recommend checking their website now and then to check on new deals. According to their website, their deals and discounts change more often than anticipated, so check them daily

You never know; your favorite cannabis strain might be on the block for amazing deals and discounts!

Alternatives to 420 Seeds

If 420 Seeds isn’t available in your area, I have scoured different seed banks that are also great alternatives. Here are some reputable cannabis seed banks you might want to look out for:

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is widely regarded as one of Holland’s best cannabis seed banks in the country and the rest of Europe.

What I love about them is the wide selection of readily available cannabis strains; they also offer various payment options that make life convenient for consumers.

In addition, they were also the first seed bank in the world to introduce feminized cannabis seeds. So, if you’re planning to cultivate cannabis in the comfort of your home, I highly recommend them.

Lastly, they also offer stealth delivery and different discounts for various strains. I find their cannabis seed strains more diverse than 420 Seeds, and you will be amazed at how many there are.

Sensi Seeds

Another legendary Cannabis Seed Bank is Sensi Seeds, considered one of the pioneers of the Cannabis Industry. If I compare them to 420 Seeds, their seed catalog stretches for days!

They also have tons of offerings and discounts, which you will surely be happy about. Also, they are among the most reputable brands in Europe and have some of the oldest cannabis seed strains in their catalog.

While their seeds are a bit more expensive than 420 Seeds, if you’re looking for a reliable seed bank, Sensi Seeds is more than enough to suit your cravings.


With over 2,000+ premium cannabis strains at their disposal, you will be fortunate enough to widen some of the rarest cannabis strains in the world at the palm of their hands.

They have been one of the most popular and reliable seed banks for years now and what you’ll love about them is their worldwide stealth shipping. It is very fast and arrives at your doorstep safely.

Unlike 420 Seeds, which has been marred with several shipping issues, Seedsman will always give something if you’re unhappy with how your package is delivered. They have several deals and discounts that almost feel like you’re stealing marijuana from them.

Crop King Seeds

Originating from Vancouver, Canada, Crop King Seeds is also a great alternative to 420 Seeds if you’re looking for premium cannabis strains. 

While it doesn’t pose the same arsenal as some of the seed banks in terms of their seed strains, they are renowned for their fast version strains, namely, the legendary OG Kush, Redwood Kush, and Strawberry Blast.

What you’ll love about them is they provide additional seeds while offering free shipping if your order reaches $200 or more. Based on quality and quantity, Crop King Seeds provides better value than 420 Seeds.

ILGM – I Love Growing Marijuana

For the last 25 years, ILGM, or I Love Growing Marijuana, has been providing some of the most potent strains in the world. They offer feminized, regular, and Autoflowering seeds for different client needs.

What I loved about them were their fast delivery and amazing customer service. Since they have been in this industry for quite some time, they offer pretty much everything, albeit with a cheaper tag than 420 Seeds.

Still, they are great, and they have a wide selection of cannabis seeds with convenient payment options, big discounts, stealth shipping, and many more.

Why Should You Use 420 Seeds Over Other Seed Banks

420-seeds header

What sets 420 Seeds from other seed banks is they hit my sweet spot. You are only paying other seed banks because of their brand rather than based on the quality of their seeds.

I would use 420 Seeds; they provide the best quality feminized seeds that are potent enough to grow in my backyard. 

Also, you can’t find other seed banks that lets you pick and choose your free seeds; that, for me, is a WIN already.

While this can be subjective, every seed that a seed bank offers doesn’t feel like the quality has changed, and I get it for a much lower price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have further questions about cannabis, you might find them below.

Does 420 Seeds Ship Around the World?

Yes! They can ship to all parts of the world, and they can do it safely and securely. However, the only problem is if your country allows such a thing. 

Remember, not a lot of countries are legalizing marijuana use. So, it is important to check your laws before ordering cannabis seeds online.

How Will I Know If My Seeds Germinate?

Cannabis seeds sold by 420 Seeds have a high germination rate. While they don’t guarantee a 100% germination rate, the chances of germination are as high as everybody else. 

420 Seeds takes pride in delivering the best seeds with the best chance of germination. Also, cannabis seeds are natural products, so there’s still unpredictability.

How Long Will It Take Before My Order Arrives?

After your successful payment, 420 Seeds will immediately address your order to ensure it comes out as soon as possible. Expect around 1 to 3 working days before it can be shipped to your desired location.

For Europe customers, expect around 3 to 5 business days upon shipping confirmation. For customers worldwide, expect around 25 business days before your package arrives. But, it should arrive around 7 to 12 business days on average.

420 Seeds Review Conclusion

420 Seeds may not be as popular as some cannabis seed banks worldwide, but they are well on their way to becoming one of the most reputable breeders in the future.

What I liked about this seed bank is its ability to meet your needs on such short notice. Their responsive hotline, high-quality seeds, and germination guarantee make it all the more enticing to buy from this seed bank.

I hope my review of this seed bank gave you a better idea of whether they are worth it. But for me, they are simply worth it and are worth the try!

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