420 Seeds Review – One of Holland’s Most Famous Seed Banks

Back in the day, you rarely found a seed bank available in your location, let alone in your country. 

Today, hundreds, if not thousands, of cannabis seed banks provide some of the cannabis for a different purpose.

Whether it’s medical or recreational cannabis, seed banks paved the way for cannabis to be readily available. With the legalization of cannabis use on a global scale, the number of seed banks will surely rise tenfolds. 

Today, I will review one of Holland’s more prominent seed banks, 420 seeds. 

I will test whether claims are as real as they can get and whether they can be recommended to every individual who wants cannabis at their doorstep.

Come and check it out! 

420 Seeds Overview


420-Seeds has been in the cannabis industry since 1999 and is located in Holland. 

They have been making seeds for a wide variety of uses. They have it from feminized seeds, auto-flowering strains, pure Indicas, pure Sativas, and you name it. 

They have worked hard with other reputable breeders to bring out the best cannabis strains possible at a cheaper rate to all customers worldwide.

420 Seeds are also eager enough to share its knowledge and expertise in the cannabis industry with just a simple push of a button on its website.

They have plenty of guides and workarounds for developing the best strains with the best genetics possible on their website.


  • Accepts a wide variety of payment options
  • Over 1,500 cannabis strains
  • Germination guarantee
  • Free seeds after every order
  • Stealth delivery
  • Reasonably priced
  • The safe arrival of seeds


  • Customer service issues
  • Deliver issues

Why Should You Use 420 Seeds Over Other Seed Banks

I would recommend 420-Seeds more than other seed banks because they hit my sweet spot. You are only paying other seed banks because of their brand, not based on the quality of their seeds.

I would use 420 seeds; they provide the best quality feminized seeds that are potent enough to grow in my backyard.

While this can be subjective, every seed a seed bank offers don’t feel like the quality has changed, and I get it for a much lower price.

420-seeds header

How Do You Know if a Cannabis Seed Is Good?

Spotting a good cannabis seed is pretty straight and simple. Most of the time, you can tell about the quality of the seed just by looking at it.

While cannabis seeds are deeply varied, their appearance is almost often the same. However, it can be easy to spot good and bad. I’ll go on about this later.

But first, thousands of cannabis strains exist worldwide, and each has its characteristics when they mature as a plant. Some cannabis seeds may exhibit similar traits but have different strains, while some don’t.

For example, cannabis seeds from a marijuana plant have different visual characteristics. It doesn’t mean that this is a good seed because it came from this marijuana strain. 

Even some of the most established strains can be hard to look at. However, there are quite a few telltale signs of knowing whether a cannabis seed is good. Check it out below.

1. A Good Cannabis Seed Has a Rich Brown Color

A good cannabis seed can often exhibit a rich brown color from shades of lightish brown to darker-toned. Some might be uniformly colored, while others exhibit shades reminiscent of turtle patterns and tiger stripes.

Most professional growers will tell you that a cannabis seed with this color can be a good start. While genetic factors play a major role in how they are colored, environmental factors also play a role. 

For instance, seeds already packaged and sent to other countries can often exhibit darker tones of brown when kept for months. Oxidation, humidity, and lighting play a role in its color. But, when a brown cannabis seed is visible, it is a good sign that the seed is good.

However, when a cannabis seed starts to show signs of greenish patterns or hue, then the quality of that cannabis seed should be in question. When cannabis seeds are harvested earlier than their actual harvesting season, cannabis seeds show greenish patterns or hues, which is not a good sign.

This pale-looking green tone indicates that the cannabis seeds couldn’t develop properly. When a cannabis seed shows greenish hues, then I’d recommend sending them back. 

2. Optimal Shape and Size 

Cannabis seeds can be healthy and come in all sizes and shapes. Some cannabis seeds are smaller than others and leave ample space between the immature cotyledon leaves and the outer shell.

In addition, despite cannabis seeds having a small size, they are still optimal for plant growth and will often showcase their health, such as age and color.

On the other hand, there are also cannabis seeds that look like bloated nuts and are relatively large. Worry not, as this is often the result of their genetic makeup, high levels of magnesium, as it can pump up their sizes, and high levels of calcium too.

While cannabis seeds can have different sizes, spotting a good cannabis seed is also simple. One of the indicators for a good cannabis seed is they share a similar shape and size

Their shapes are reminiscent of a tear-drop wherein one end is round, and the other end is tapered. Cannabis seeds that don’t conform to this shape and size are likely not good. 

Cannabis seeds that are far from their actual shape and size are often a result of a genetic flaw, which can result in a deformed cannabis seed that may produce low-quality plants. 

3. Good Cannabis Seeds have Waxy Sheens.

If you still want to know how to detect good cannabis seeds based on their appearance, one of the last indicators is staring at them blankly for a couple of seconds.

Good cannabis seeds have shiny and waxy sheens, whereas bad cannabis seeds often exhibit dull or pale-looking ones. 

Seed banks often package their cannabis seeds, making it difficult to check them from the outside.

However, if the seed bank lets you check their cannabis seeds, look for a waxy finish from the outside. This is a good indicator that you have a good-quality seed. 

4. Good Cannabis Seeds Sink

Once you’ve already checked your seed’s superficial features, it is time to check whether they are good.

One of the best ways outside of checking their appearance if you want to know whether they are good is not is by simply pouring water into a glass and dropping your seeds.

After an hour or two, good cannabis seeds should shrink and be ready for germination. Growers often deem floating seeds as unhealthy. When they find floating seeds in their cups, they usually discard them.

420 Seeds Payment Options

What I liked about 420 seeds is they accept a wide variety of payment options. Whether I want to purchase their products via credit card or online bank transfer, they have it.

In addition, they also accept bitcoin and international money orders. Now that’s surprising! I get problems with various seed banks because they don’t have convenient payment options, but with 420 seeds, I didn’t encounter any problems. 


They accept all major credit and debit cards. The payment option on their website is pretty easy to use; all I have to do is select the payment method, add a few reminders, and it’s off to go. 

Currencies accepted by 420-Seeds:

  • GBP – Great British Pounds
  • EUR – Euros
  • US Dollars 
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Japanese Yen

NOTE: 420-Seeds accepts orders from around the world. They also do discreet packaging worldwide.

420 Seeds Shipping

420-seeds stealth shipping

As for shipping, they offer stealth shipping which I loved the most. You wouldn’t want a courier displaying all your details on their parcel, right? 

Especially where I live, many neighbors aren’t accepting the new norm of using cannabis for different purposes. They also offer free shipping for UK clients for a minimum purchase of €60

For customers worldwide, shipping discounts vary depending on how much you’ve spent buying their products. What this means is the higher you spend money on their products, the bigger the discounts, now that’s something!

In addition, there are several stealth shipping options to choose from, from Worldwide Guaranteed Stealth, UK Stealth Plus, and Guaranteed Worldwide Stealth Plus.

Another feature I liked the most about their service is if you’re unhappy with how the seeds have arrived or their current condition, you can easily call them, and they have a responsive hotline.

If you encounter any problems with your parcel, you can easily send pictures of the damaged items first. Once both parties have agreed that it came with a dent or damage, 420 Seeds will send a replacement package on the same business day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have further questions about cannabis, you might find them below.

What Seeds Are Best for Growing Marijuana?

If you want to grow marijuana for its extremely potent “high,” I highly recommend buying some well-known strains for that punch-in-the-head effect.

These are some of the best seeds for growing marijuana. They can reach maturity very early and are most well-known for their potency as they pack the right THC content for that mind-boggling experience. 

Some of these seeds are resistant to pests and molds and are suitable for indoor grow setups. I highly recommend opting for the Girl Scout Cookies, I didn’t encounter any difficulties growing them, and they are potent.

What Are Regular Seeds and Feminized Seeds?

As the name suggests, feminized seeds will yield almost 99% female plants. This is great if your growing cannabis to harvest its potent THC contents. Regular seeds will give you a 50/50 chance of having males and females.

Regular seeds are only good if you’re breeding cannabis plants for their genetic materials. But if you want to start your cannabis-growing adventure, I highly recommend buying feminized seeds as they contain the psychoactive compound THC.

Can You Get Free Seeds When Ordering at 420Seeds?

Yes, definitely! 420-Seeds always adds spices to its products to make them more appealing to its customers. For every purchase, 420 seeds will also include 10 free seeds! 

If you ask what strains are on the cannabis seeds, it varies from time to time, depending on the availability of different seeds.

420 Seeds Review Conclusion

420 Seeds may not be as popular as some cannabis seed banks worldwide, but they are well on their way to becoming one of the most reputable breeders in the future.

What I liked about this seed bank is its ability to meet your needs on such short notice. Their responsive hotline, high-quality seeds, and germination guarantee make it all the more enticing to buy from this seed bank.

I hope my review of this seed bank gave you a better idea of whether they are worth it. But for me, they are simply worth it and are the best!