Seedsman Review: Is It a Trustworthy Seed Bank With Quality Seeds?

Nowadays, seed banks hold great value in keeping seed quality and variety alive through the years despite the prevalence of climate change.

An article in 2017 titled “The Roles of Community Seed Banks in Climate Change Adaptation” pointed out that seed banks have three functions:

  1. Conserve genetic resources
  2. Give access to long-term seed availability
  3. Control for viable seeds

Seedsman, one of the top Cannabis seed banks, focuses on keeping and elevating high-quality seeds, commercializing autoflower seeds, and promoting cannabidiol (CBD) genetics.

In this Seedsman review, we will find out if this is one of the best seed banks for cannabis seeds online in 2022, plus other essential details about the Seedsman seed bank. Read on!

Seedsman Seed Bank Review

Selling High-quality Seeds Online
Working with the Best Seed Growers

Seedsman is a web-based seed bank that started in 2002. They store and sell high-quality seeds online as they work with the best seed growers for hybrid cannabis strains.

This Spain and United Kingdom-based company also focuses on growing marijuana with the highest quality possible to foster a community of seed and medicinal growers.

Seedsman offers different cannabis strains from various flowering types, varieties, and Cannabis strains, which we will discuss more in later sections.

Added to that is the diverse, high-quality seed selection from these brands:

  • Buddha Seeds
  • Blue Dream feminized seeds
  • Cali Connection
  • Dinafem Seeds
  • DNA Genetics
  • Greenhouse Co
  • Serious Seeds
  • T.H. Seeds

More than displaying their expertise in cannabis genetics, Seedsman places importance on seed bank activities and environment-friendly processes.

As a well-established seed bank, Seedsman has community service programs in which they secure a share of their income to fund and promote education on Cannabis plants.

They also support and give a part of their profit in forwarding the legalization of Cannabis plants in different states and countries.

Nonetheless, if you are skeptical about ordering from their website, you must know that Seedsman has Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certification that can give you these benefits:

  • Protects you and your information from shopping to buying through Seedsman
  • Makes sure your credit card number, inputted address, contact number, and personal facts are not vulnerable to outside threats

Also, Seedsman abides by the rules and regulations posed by the United Kingdom’s Data Protection legislation.

In this Seedsman review, we will look at the pros and cons, location details, payment methods, shipping locations, packaging, seeds and strains, currencies, customer service, and promotions.

Seedsman Pros and Cons

Knowing Seedsman better can be done through a pros-cons list! Here is a quick summary of the positives and negatives of one of the most well-known seed banks in the world:


  • Ship worldwide in discreet packaging
  • Offers a vast collection of high-quality cannabis strain
  • Provides monthly promos and discounts
  • Caters more free seeds with minimum purchase
  • 90-day return policy
  • Two decades of being a reputable seed bank
  • Green Points loyalty program for extra promotions


  • You can only change payment methods by canceling prior order
  • Seedsman does not accept over-the-phone orders
  • It does not have PayPal in its mode of payment list
  • It does not have a specific germination guarantee

Where Is Seedsman Located?

Seedsman has its main offices in Spain and the United Kingdom, while its warehouses are in Spain, the UK, and the USA.

Seedsman Payment Methods

Seedsman payment
Accepts variety of Payment options
7 modes of payment you can choose from.

The good thing about buying seeds online from Seedsman seed bank is that you can pay from a variety of payment methods, like the following:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Money Order

However, Seedsman CANNOT process credit and debit card payments from these countries:

  • Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Georgia
  • Hong Kong SAR, India, Iran, Israel, Japan
  • Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka
  • South Africa, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Vietnam

Where Does Seedsman Ship?

Seedsman ships worldwide, including states and countries that have withstanding regulations on cannabis or marijuana strains.

However, Seedsman seed bank will discourage you from violating the law as your marijuana seeds may get seized by customs. They are also clear that any disputes between you and your local customs, including all the seeds ordered from their online seed bank, are at your own risk.

Nonetheless, Seedsman still ensures stealth shipping of your cannabis seeds and delivery insurance.

Yet, availing of the delivery insurance is only possible if you will not use forward shipping company services and if you are NOT from one of these countries with restrictions: 

  • Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Georgia
  • Hong Kong SAR, India, Iran, Israel, Japan
  • Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Réunion, Sri Lanka
  • South Africa, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Vietnam

The delivery insurance ensures replacements in cases where you get damaged seeds, bad seeds, and confiscated or lost Seedsman seeds.

REMINDER: Seedsman’s replacement policy does not apply to their free seeds.

Does Seedsman Provide Discreet Packaging?

Yes, Seedsman provides discreet packaging with bubble wrap. In fact, for their orders outside the United Kingdom, they wrap the Seedsman seeds outside the original packaging with gifts, DVD cases, or documents.

Also, Seedsman does not put any identifiable marks and will uphold your privacy in the highest way possible (you can check out their privacy policy).

List of Seedsman Seeds & Strains

Seedsman offers approximately 4000 seeds and strains from Seedman with the highest quality on the market.

To give you a glimpse, listed below are the strains, flowering types, and other varieties from Seedsman.

Choose from over 4000 seeds and strains
Seedsman Provides Discreet Packaging
list of seedsmans strains

The Seedsman strains are as follows:

  • Blueberry Strains, Cheese Strains, Haze Strains
  • Kush Strains, Northern Lights Strains, Skunk Strains
  • Sour Diesel Strains, White Widow Strains

The Seedsman seed flowering types are the following:

  • Autoflowering Regular Seeds
  • Autoflowering Seeds
  • Fast Strains
  • Feminized Seeds
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds

Other varieties of Seedsman seeds are:

  • High CBD, High THC Seeds
  • Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds, Indica Seeds
  • Low THC Seeds, Sativa Seeds
  • Strain Collections

Currencies Accepted in Seedsman

With Seedsman, every currency is accepted, and it will depend on where you are ordering from.

Yet, primarily, the payment charge will reflect US dollars and UK euros. Nonetheless, it will be converted into your local currency with the exact exchange rate and fees at the given time.

Seedsman Customer Service

Seedsman customer support

If you have concerns regarding your Seedsman seeds, you can contact their customer service numbers during their office hours from Monday to Friday.

  • For United States of America (USA) customers: +1 (720) 650-8315
  • For United Kingdom (UK) customers: +44 20 3893 2103
  • For customers in other parts of Europe: +34 902 757 218

For those living outside these mentioned places, you can send your questions to their official customer service page and have the opportunity to talk live with their representatives.

If this one does not work out, their Facebook page is always open for your queries, but make sure to introduce yourself using the details you have registered on the Seedsman website.

However, keep in mind that their office hours are only open from 9:00 AM UK time to 5:00 PM UK time.

To fast-track the resolution of your issues or queries, Seedsman reminds the customers to do the following:

  • Include your order number, pieces of evidence, and other details that are related to the topic you want to resolve
  • Pieces of proof include a photo, screenshot, or a recording from, which Seedsman prefers
  • Seedsman suggests making your statements brief with the use of proper spacing and punctuation for them to pinpoint your problem easily
  • Reply to the thread of your ticket and not make a whole new conversation with a similar topic, as this may slow down the process
  • Send your issues through the e-mail address you used when purchasing from Seedsman to verify your claims easily
  • Ensure politeness and patience when communicating with customer service representatives for the duration of the resolution process

Seedsman Promos and Discounts

Seedsman seed bank offers exclusive promos and discounts monthly if you are a registered customer or a Seedsman Newsletter subscriber.

Exclusive Promos and Discounts Monthly
Register now and sign up to their newsletter!

Here are some of their promotions:

  • Green VIP Points
  • 10% off for first-time orders
  • Birthday points
  • Seedsman discount code
  • Free seeds with a minimum purchase of $30
  • Extra free seed when you pay through bitcoin
  • 10% off for orders with a minimum of $200
  • Buy one, get one deal on some good seeds

Another good thing about Seedsman is that you can use their promotions simultaneously, except for using two promo codes in a single purchase.

Nonetheless, signing up for their newsletter also entails weekly quizzes and competitions where you can win or get discounts and promo codes for various Seedsman products.

Is Seedsman a Trusted Site?

Yes, Seedsman is not just one of the top seed banks for nothing. This seed bank works legally within the bounds of its manufacturing warehouses and offices in Spain, the UK, and the USA.

As mentioned earlier, Seedsman has SSL certification, which follows the UK Data Protection Legislation rules. This ensures that all information you input on their site is protected and kept safe from hackers and other threats.

Stated in their policy that the company, specifically their Data Protection Officer and Program Manager, Yousaf Barikzai, will uphold your privacy and:

  • They will NOT convey or leak your information to third-party organizations
  • They will NOT collect your personal details from logging in and scrolling through

Your data will only be used if the law requires your personal and buying information and for Seedsman to process your orders.

In fact, if you want to close your account and delete all your Seedsman history, including purchases, you can contact them, and they will do all the technical work themselves.

Being the best seed bank that it is, Seedsman also holds a record for growing marijuana and selling cannabis seeds online with the best quality that has undergone intricate quality checks, modification, and in-house breeding.

Also, Seedsman stocks seeds and strains from highly-regarded breeders, which is why they have over 4000 high-quality seeds and strains that are reasonably priced compared to other seed banks.

Seedsman User Reviews & Testimonials

The best way to affirm the credibility of Seedsman seed bank is by hearing what customers have to say.

With that, here are some user reviews and testimonials from the Seedsman website:

“Absolutely the best company I’ve dealt with, and I will continue ordering here!! Order always arrives in a week, and seeds are in factory packs and not [hidden] in cd cases and other means like other big-name companies. I have placed several orders here, and every order and [growth] has been perfect!! You absolutely will not regret ordering from Seedsman!” Anonymous, Seedsman review

“I’m only about five weeks into a Gorilla Cookies grow, but wow! Growing much better than the Banana Kush (different seller) planted the same day. So far, I’m at 100% germination from Seedsman, love the whole seed-buying process from them. Great selection; I’m a happy customer!” – Anonymous, Seedsman review

“I had a germination issue with one of the strains I ordered. Laura in CS responded to my inquiry within 24 hours and resolved it to my satisfaction in less than a week.

Not even Amazon has CS THIS good.” – Anonymous, Seedsman review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Seedsman review without us answering your frequently asked questions?

For your convenience, we have responded to Seedsman seeds queries in this section:

Does Seedsman Ship to the US?

Yes, Seedsman seeds ship to the US. US customers can expect that their orders will be processed within five business days from confirmation and will be received after 7 to 25 business days.

The estimated delivery date is long because Seedsman seed bank will send their seed selection from their UK office through the services of Royal Mail.

Does Seedsman Have Free Shipping?

Yes, you can avail yourself of Seedsman seeds free shipping if your purchase reaches at least £40 (UK) or €80 (EU).

If you do not qualify for the free shipping deals, you will pay for the cost of delivery which total will depend on these factors:

  • Overall product weight
  • The location where the seeds will be shipped

Who Owns Seedsman?

Seedsman is owned by Tigre Uno Distribucion S.L., which in turn was founded by two unnamed cannabis enthusiasts who worked with cannabis botanists from these banks: Sacred Seeds and Cultivators Choice of the 70s.

As of now, the only names publicly associated with Seedsman are the following:

  • Yousaf Barikzai, Data Protection Officer and Program Manager
  • Lisa Hilling, Marketing Manager

How Long Has Seedsman Been Around?

Seedsman has been around since 2002, approximately two decades or 20 years in the seed bank market.

Does Seedsman Give Free Seeds?

Yes, they do, but not for samples. Seedsman gives out extra free seeds in small zip locks if you reach the minimum order requirement.

These free seeds are not Seedsman’s old and unwanted stock. The seed quality of the free ones is similar to what they sell, and sometimes are even of fresher quality because they come from:

  • Extra quality seeds from the overall production
  • Breeder’s way of introducing new strains

Which Breeders Are Available in the USA?

There are a lot of breeders that have high-quality Cannabis, which are displayed in Seedsman.

However, in the USA, there are only 13 breeders that contribute to the massive Cannabis products of Seedsman, such as:

  • 00, Ace, Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion
  • FastBuds, Garden of Green, Grand Daddy Purp Genetics
  • Greenhouse Seed Co., Nirvana, Pyramid
  • Royal Queen, Seedsman, Sweet

Can Seedsman Provide a Phytosanitary Certificate?

Yes, they can. Seedsman will provide a phytosanitary certificate if needed in your country for legal purposes.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a phytosanitary certificate proving that the delivery of plant products like Cannabis seed has met the standards and specifications of the receiving country.

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) emphasizes that to import any plant, seed, bulb, tuber, fruit, or vegetable in the USA, a phytosanitary certificate MUST be attached to them.

How Do I Contact Seedsman?

You can contact them on the official Seedsman website by submitting a support ticket (which they will answer within one to two business days) for those outside Europe or the USA.

Nonetheless, you can also contact them through these telephone numbers:

  • Seedsman USA: +1 (720) 650-8315
  • Seedsman UK: +44 20 3893 2103

Seedsman Europe: +34 902 757 218

The Best Seedsman Alternative Online Seed Banks

If you do not want to settle in a single seed bank and want to discover other options, we have 3 other popular seed banks as your potential Seedsman alternative:

1. I Love Growing Marijuana


I Love Growing Marijuana, also known as ILGM seed bank, was founded by Robert Bergman in 2012.

This California-based seed bank is established with three main principles: to share Bergman and his friends’ love for marijuana, educate people about marijuana, and sell seeds from top-of-the-line breeders.

Moreover, the ILGM seed bank sells 100 strains, which you can purchase with buy 10, get ten promos, $5 off, a $10 coupon, or a VIP loyalty program. Here are the seeds you can buy from them:

  • Feminized seeds
  • Autoflowering strains
  • Fast flowering seeds
  • Beginner seeds
  • High THC
  • Medium THC
  • High CBD
  • Other Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa strains

ILGM offers different payment methods, like credit card, bank transfer, cash, and Bitcoin. In fact, when you buy cannabis seeds through Bitcoin, you get an instant 10% discount.

More importantly, they ship for free with an average of 4 days shipping time BUT only within the USA as they do not operate for worldwide shipping.

Nonetheless, you are assured of high-quality strains with stealth shipping and a replacement policy for USA customers if not one seed germinated is in your order.

All you have to do is fill in their contact form or call them through their telephone number, +1 (213) 952-3032.

2. Crop King Seeds


A well-known seed bank in the cannabis market is the Crop King Seeds seed bank, founded in 2005 and has its base in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This seed bank offers a variety of types, like:

  • Autoflowering strains
  • Feminized seeds
  • Regular
  • CBD Medical seeds

In specifics, these are some of the strains they offer:

  • Amnesia Haze, Black Indica, Blue Cookies
  • Bubba Kush, Cali OG Kush Haze, Candy Cane
  • Crown Royale, Early Miss, Jack Herer, Lambs Breath

For you to order and ship seeds, you need to pay US or Canadian dollars through Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and Interac e-Transfers (for Canadian residents).

The good news is, just like Seedsman, they also offer worldwide shipping with discreet packaging and a free shipping deal for customers whose purchases sum up to $200 and more.

However, for those who will not meet the minimum requirement, you get to pay express shipping of $20 or $40 so that you will not be included in the 5% population of their consumers whose seeds get seized by enforcers of local laws.

Nevertheless, for all your queries and problems, this company has 24/7 customer service, which you can access through the following:

  • E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Local number: (604) 563-0291
  • Toll-free number: +1 (844) 276-7546
  • Worldwide number: +1 (604) 563-0291

3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds


If you’re looking for weed seeds and need to run through different seed stores or banks, you’ll probably come across this popular seed bank, Quebec Seeds, which offers a large assortment of fresh seeds, like:

  • Autoflowering strains
  • Feminized seeds
  • Regular seeds
  • CBD Medical strains
  • Northern Lights strain

They have been growing marijuana and breeding weed seeds since 2013 for medical and recreational uses.

Quebec Seeds offers an 80% germination guarantee and a replacement for every seed that will not germinate from their worldwide customers who are 21 years old and above.

Moreover, Quebec Cannabis Seeds will be delivered in stealth shipping, with a $10 flat fee, wrapped in DVD cases, documents, and even birthday cards.

Aside from the original seeds you ordered, you can also get free seeds if you have a total order of $150 and above.

Nonetheless, if you have concerns regarding your order, you can contact them from Monday to Friday with these contact details:

  • E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Telephone number: 438-800-4298 (you can even order from them through this telephone number)

Most importantly, you can receive your Quebec Seeds within two weeks from the order confirmation date, as the seeds will come from Canada.

Final Verdict: Is Seedsman a Legit and Good Seed Bank?

So, what is our final verdict? Is Seedsman legit?

All the facts and information presented in this article make Seedsman legit and a good seed bank compared to other seed banks.

Although, previously, there had been minimal concerns from customers where out of their order, only one seed had a germination guarantee.

Nonetheless, this does NOT outweigh all the improvements and benefits you get when purchasing their strains like blue dream feminized seeds from Seedsman.

On top of the fact that Seedsman ships worldwide, here are the features that make it a standout:

  • A variety of high-quality strains and brands from top-tier breeders
  • A germination guarantee based on first-hand customer experiences
  • Stealth shipping
  • An interactive website to get your shopping going in no time
  • Monthly promos, discounts, sales, and a loyalty program
  • Free cannabis strain of their choice (sometimes, you can choose too, depending on availability)
  • A wide range of methods of payment

With all these, what are you waiting for?

Head over to their website and get your dream seed with just a few clicks from one of the best seed banks in the world.

Buy. Keep. Collect.
Explore the full range of Seedsman genetics.