Is a 100mg Edible Too Strong? | Dosage Chart & Safe Ways to Consume

Gummies, mints, potato chips, pastries, beverages, and other edible cannabis items are covert and can have long-lasting desired effects.

For some cannabis enthusiasts, the excitement of cannabis edibles is UNMATCHED compared to smoking. When used sensibly and with awareness, they’re unimaginable.

Edibles have entirely different effects from smoking. They can provide the best or worse experiences based on how much you eat.

It’s important to note that each individual has a standard dose best suited for them. Keep reading to learn more about your safe dosage and how a 100mg edible may impact you.

Is 100mg of Marijuana Edibles Too Strong?

is a 100mg edible too strong

Ingesting weed edibles in doses greater than 100 mg and exceedingly high doses of 150 mg, 200 mg, or even 500 mg vastly increases the chance of intoxicating effects.

But remember, only you can determine your tolerance.

The effects we experience after eating a cannabis edible are not solely dependent on the concentration of THC (and other cannabinoids) in the edible.

An individual’s height and weight can also influence it. Compared to a smaller person, a larger individual may get a diminished effect from an edible of the same strength.

The Edibles Dosage Chart

Here are some fundamental recommendations to help you determine the correct dose, expressed in milligrams (mg):

THC Content per DoseEffects to ExpectWho Is This For?
1-2.5 mgA slight reduction in discomfort, stress, and anxiety; improved concentration and creativityNew users or those who often use little doses
5 mgStronger pain and anxiety symptoms alleviation; exhilaration; may affect coordination and perceptionRegular recreational usage; persistent problems that aren’t relieved by lower doses; individuals seeking restful sleep
10 mgSignificantly decreased coordination and perception and substantial euphoric effectsPatients with high tolerances to THC, including recreational and medical users; unfamiliar users may have unpleasant results
20 mgExtremely euphoric; may affect coordination and perceptionUsers with high THC tolerances and people whose GI absorption is impaired
50-100 mgSignificantly hampered awareness and coordination; potential for unpleasant side effects such as nausea, discomfort, and accelerated heart rateUsers with cannabis experience high tolerance; those with cancer, inflammatory diseases, or other situations that call for hefty doses

Edibles are often dosed according to the amount of THC they contain. A standard dose is between 5 and 10 mg, while microdosing (1 to 2 mg) is popular among beginners.

It is also favored by those who want to pursue a low-level edible high throughout the day to spark creativity or help manage stress or pain.

The standard dose of 5 or 10 mg begins to enter the realm of impairment. Effects are immediately noticeable; this is generally where most people prefer the THC level.

The best feature of using a weed edible at this usual dosage is that you can easily double the amount if you need more or divide it in half if you need less.

It’s vital to save the greater dosages for people accustomed to using marijuana because those who aren’t may feel an uncomfortable experience or have other negative effects.

NOTE: There are a lot of alternatives at the higher end of the edibles dosage chart, which start at roughly 20 mg and continue up to 100 mg of edible or more. For those with higher tolerances, edibles with an average content of 20 to 30 mg will produce a strong euphoria that is significantly more potent than typical dosing techniques.

What Are the Different Types of Cannabinoids in a Cannabis Edible?

Usually, oral, vaping, or smoking methods are used to consume synthetic and illegal cannabis. Food items infused with cannabis extract are known as edibles.

Edibles can be manufactured at home or purchased for dispensaries and come in various shapes and sizes, including baked products, candies, gummies, chocolates, and beverages.

While they may also contain other cannabinoids like CBD or CBN, edibles typically contain THC.

What Is the Recommended MG of THC Content You Should Put In Your Edibles?

THC Content You Should Put In Your Edibles

The effects and duration are roughly and approximately depicted in the above edibles dosage chart.

What is an edible recommended dosage? How quickly you become stoned and how much THC you generally take both play a significant role.

If you eat a THC edible at a very high dose, you could continue to experience side effects after a 24-hour timeframe.

If you find an excellent THC edible dosage, the experience may be far more prosperous and enjoyable than what you could receive from a vape or a cigarette.

Before consuming your following cannabis product, read the following dosage chart as a guide to help you understand how edibles can affect your body.

How Do You Calculate the Right Amount of THC Dosage?

The most crucial and occasionally most challenging — task in making edibles is how to calculate the right amount of dose.

The ideal dose for you will depend on your dimensions (size and weight), cannabis toleration, and several factors.

The cardinal rule is to start a low dose when you consume cannabis edibles for the first time. You can raise the THC edible dosage the next time if you have no effects (or minimal effects).

There is no calculation for edible dosage that considers parameters like size, THC tolerance, endocannabinoid, and gastrointestinal effects.

Regular consumers of cannabis edibles should start LOW and SLOW and wait to increase their dosage.

TIP: The most significant advice is to get goods that employ standard doses for each unit. Cannabis mints, for instance, come in 5 mg or 10 mg dosages. It makes it much more straightforward, to begin with, 5 mg, and go from there rather than attempting some challenging calculations!

How Much THC Is Considered Too Much?

Although it’s not known if anyone has ever overdosed on cannabis and died, eating too many edibles is a common mistake and can be uncomfortable.

Except for those who already have heart disease or another significant medical condition, most people DO NOT require emergency medical care.

The fact that cannabis dosage is so individualized makes it challenging to get it right. It could take some trial and error to find your “sweet spot.”

The effects of cannabis edibles can fluctuate for every person, which has different results depending on factors like tolerance, body weight, and other factors.

What Is the Proper Way of Consuming Cannabis Edibles? [Tips & Tricks]

Edibles are an excellent choice for first-time cannabis users who wish to experience the effects without smoking.

Who wouldn’t want to get high on brownies, cookies, or candies?

Proper Way of Consuming Cannabis Edibles

Check out our guide to edible dosing and a few more pointers to help you have the most incredible experience possible:

1. Homemade vs. Dispensary Purchased

Homemade edibles are relatively simple to prepare. Simply infuse cannabis into butter, olive oil, or other ingredients before baking.

One advantage of cooking it at home is that you may adjust it to any diet. In the long term, you’ll also save money.

Others prefer edibles without a strong cannabis flavor. Some people adore being able to taste cannabis in their treats. These can be absolutely delicious.

2. Choosing the Appropriate Edible Dosage

The effects will vary depending on intensity, personal tolerance, and whether or not the user has a sensitive endocannabinoid system.

Cannabis users with NO TOLERANCE should begin by ingesting treats containing 1.5 to 5 mg of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) — the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis.

Edibles are digested differently in the body, but a 1/2 gram joint is roughly similar to consuming a 10 mg THC edible.

3. Start Low With Edibles and Be Patient

Experts advise you to take it slow, wait, and be patient, especially if you’ve NEVER tried edibles, don’t have much experience with cannabis generally, or have a high sensitivity to THC.

Make sure the label specifies whether the entire package constitutes one dose or how to measure one dose.

Cannabis-infused drinks are one option for first-timers. Cannabis Quencher Sips, for example, come in various flavors and have precise THC levels.

4. Take Edibles in a Relaxed Setting

Stay in a comfortable atmosphere when consuming cannabis. The most important thing is to maintain your calm. It helps to be in a comfortable space with people you know.

Whether listening to music, playing board games, or binge-watching Netflix, an activity will keep you CALM and ENGAGED. When taking edibles, never bring children with you.

5. Drink a Lot of Water

Experienced cannabis users are aware of the “dry mouth” symptom, which causes them to drink more, but is not always indicative of dehydration.

“Dry mouth” is a SIDE EFFECT of cannabis use, but doctors point out that feeling thirsty isn’t the first thing that happens when the body is dehydrated.

6. Take Edibles Only on an Empty Stomach

It’s wrong to consume edibles on a full stomach; their potency will be diminished. When you eat on an empty stomach, edibles are metabolized considerably faster.

NEVER combine alcohol and edibles. Alcohol causes dehydration and has been shown to enhance the concentration of THC in the blood.

If you typically have a fast metabolism, you may be able to anticipate that your benefits will start to take effect at the lower end of the 45-minute to 2-hour timeframe.

7. Be Prepared for Bad Bathroom Trips

Bad trips happen to everyone, no matter how experienced they are. Pay attention to your edible dosage.

If you have a bad trip, take a deep breath and remain calm. Remember that no one has ever died from overdosing on cannabis, and the fear will pass.

Drinking water helps digestion and may alleviate this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The answers to the most typical inquiries concerning cannabis edibles are included below:

How Long Does It Take for 100mg to Be Edible?

Users with high tolerance or severe pain may take 500–1000mg of edible orally. With such a high content of THC, the effects of eating marijuana may linger for the rest of the day.

Can You Feel 100mg Edibles?

You might not even notice it if you eat 1 mg of edible food. However, if you consume 100 mg of edibles, you may encounter a terrifying and overpowering sensation.

Can Endocannabinoids Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier?

The blood-brain barrier stops chemicals and infections from entering the body’s most sensitive organ. Cannabinoids can indeed pass through this barrier and enter the brain.

Is Taking Edibles Equivalent When You Smoke Weed?

When you smoke a joint, the smoke may cause coughing, but you can feel the effects rapidly. When taking edibles, your gut processes it first and delays the effects, but it has a stronger effect.


One crucial piece of advice is to start with smaller dosages and assess the experience before deciding on a high dosage consumable.

A cannabis edible provides hours of delight, happiness, and physical relaxation as the high builds gradually.