Best Seed Banks That Ship Worldwide: A Complete User’s Guide

 BEST online cannabis

Are you a prospective grower or perhaps an expert cannabis connoisseur?

If you’re looking for the best marijuana seed banks to buy cannabis seeds, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the BEST online cannabis seed banks that ship worldwide and answered some of the frequently asked cannabis-related queries.

Let’s get into it!

The Top 5 Seed Banks That Ship Worldwide

These five seed banks should be on your radar because they offer TOP-TIER marijuana seeds and excellent customer service.

Regardless of where you are in the world, expect to get your desired seeds in no time!

1. Marijuana Seeds (MSNL)

This seed bank stands out from the competition as one of the best cannabis seed banks online that ship worldwide.

Founded in 1999, MSNL is the ORIGINAL online seed bank started by marijuana enthusiasts.

It has two decades of expertise in making the best marijuana seeds accessible to everyone, all at the click of a button!

Beloved for its high-quality marijuana seeds at a low cost, MSNL is the top pick marijuana seed bank of breeders around the world.

You can get a wide range of the best cannabis seeds for PERSONAL and BUSINESS purposes.

MSNL boasts a 90% germination guarantee, which is a more realistic picture than other cannabis seed banks claiming a 100% germination rate.

Of course, you can’t talk about MSNL without mentioning the pricing.

This seed bank offers high-quality cannabis seeds at the best deals available.

MSNL’s website is also user-friendly, with numerous incredibly helpful articles! It’s the best seed bank for growers of any skill level.

Where Are They Located?

MSNL is based in London, United Kingdom (UK).

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

MSNL accepts a variety of payment options:

  • Credit/debit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards
  • Digital payment – PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and Zelle
  • Bitcoin – you get an automatic 15% discount applied at checkout
  • Bank wire – you can get 15% off your total through this method
  • Cash payment – in US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Great British Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, or Japanese Yen

Is There Discreet Packaging?

You can be sure that any order from MSNL is discreetly packaged to ensure your privacy and security.

MSNL provides three shipping options depending on how discreet you want it to be. You can choose from Standard, Stealth, and Guaranteed Stealth shipping.

Don’t worry; whatever you choose, all orders will arrive in unmarked envelopes or mailer bags shipped from the UK.

Number of Strains Available

This seed bank offers over 250 seeds from 8 strain types, including Indica, Sativa, hybrid seeds, high-yield strains, and more.

Ideal For

  • Personal or professional use
  • Beginner to intermediate growers
  • Offers special promos
  • Lots of free seeds
  • Stealthy and FAST shipping
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Their customer support could be improved
  • You can’t get free shipping unless you buy in bulk

2. Seed-City

Want a quick and easy way to grow high-quality cannabis?

You might already be looking into auto-flowering strains. Seed City might be the best seed bank for you!

Seed City is one of the best cannabis seed banks specializing in auto-flowering seeds and cannabis plants.

They have a variety of auto-flowering cannabis seeds for just about every strain. These auto-flowering seeds have the power of speed for a FASTER life cycle.

Seed City prides itself as the leading cannabis seed bank that provides RARE seed strains to cannabis connoisseurs.

This seed bank is a favorite among experimental growers worldwide who want premium marijuana seeds you can’t find anywhere else.

Not only do they offer weed seeds at affordable prices, but they also have frequent sales with up to 40% discounts!

You can get their most popular cannabis seed strain, Red Banana Berry, at 20% off.

Though the website can be improved, it is a reputable seed bank with over 7,000 high-quality weed seeds available online.

Where Are They Located?

Seed City is based in Sheffield, United Kingdom (UK).

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

Currently, this seed bank only accepts card payments from customers from Canada and the EU.

An alternative method is via bank/wire transfer if you’re from the UK or other parts of the world. They also accept digital payments such as Bitcoin and AliPay.

You can contact them via email at [email protected] for more details.

Is There Discreet Packaging?

Yes. They are notoriously discreet in packaging orders. They even have a step-by-step demonstration of their packaging method.

If you select the Standard delivery, your marijuana seeds will be concealed in a high-quality DVD case.

For the Extra Stealth method, they will put your order in crush-proof black tubes that are then concealed in a building block package.

Both options will be shipped in plain packaging.

Number of Strains Available

Seed City has over 7,000 cannabis strains sourced from over a hundred breeders.

Ideal For

  • Experimental breeders
  • Thrifty growers
  • Lots of free seeds
  • Reasonably priced
  • Frequent sales of up to 30-40% off
  • Special deals for bulk orders
  • Limited payment options
  • No customer support
  • No free shipping

3. 420-Seeds

420 Seeds may seem like one of those up-and-coming players that have just recently dipped their toes in the market.

But actually, this UK-based cannabis seed bank has been around since 1999.

420 Seeds is one of the original online seed banks that have since expanded to cater to customers worldwide.

They guarantee high-quality cannabis seeds SOURCED DIRECTLY from the best breeders.

Because 420 Seeds cuts out the middleman and buys in bulk, they are some of the best seed banks that offer high-quality seeds at competitive prices.

You can find iconic strains like AK47 to the latest varieties like Girl Scout Cookies from legendary breeders such as Dutch Passion and Nirvana.

This seed bank takes less than two weeks to arrive at your doorstep. You can be sure that every order delivers fresh cannabis seeds.

420 Seeds’ current Halloween sale offers 40% off the 420 Seeds-brand strain and doubles the free seeds you can get.

Where Are They Located?

420 Seeds is based in London, United Kingdom (UK).

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

They accept multiple payment methods:

  • Credit/debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Check/Money Order
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash payment – in GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, or YEN

Is There Discreet Packaging?

420 Seeds provide three delivery options that ensure discreet packaging: Standard, Stealth, and Guaranteed Stealth.

This seed bank does NOT provide a tracking number if you choose the Standard packaging, but they ensure that it’s still perfectly reliable.

The Stealth option gives an added degree of privacy, hiding your weed seeds in the packaging.

If you’re looking for maximum discretion, you can opt for their Guaranteed Stealth, which includes a tracking number.

They can also resend your order for free if it doesn’t arrive.

Number of Strains Available

420 Seeds offer more than 1,600 cannabis strains straight from the best breeders.

Ideal For

  • Growers who are interested in popular marijuana strains
  • Affordable and reasonably priced
  • Special promos
  • Free seeds
  • Slow customer support
  • Free shipping only for large orders

4. Seedsman

If this isn’t your first time to buy cannabis seeds online, you’ve probably heard of this seed bank.

In the last twenty years, Seedsman has positioned itself as one of the best online seed banks that ship worldwide.

So what makes them stand out? Seedsman is the first seed bank to commercialize auto-flowering cannabis seeds and cannabidiol (CBD) genetics.

They are committed to spreading the benefits of cannabis and DONATE a portion of their profits to legalize marijuana worldwide.

Driven by the dedication to providing a diverse range of high-quality weed seeds, Seedsman offers more than 4,000 marijuana strains.

Whether you’re looking for classic favorites like Bubba Kush or something entirely new, Seedsman is one of the best seed banks to get high-quality seeds for your hemp needs!

They breed their own cannabis seeds and source from expert breeders and other seed banks so you can pick the crop.

If you want a lighter strain for medical purposes, Seedsman brand medicinal seeds have several health benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-insomnia

You can check their website for the full disclosure of the therapeutic benefits of their cannabis seeds.

Their enormous inventory of diverse cannabis seed strains has made them one of the best online seed banks.

Where Are They Located?

Seedsman is a UK-based business with locations in the United Kingdom and Spain.

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

This online seed bank accepts multiple payment methods:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Check/Money Order
  • Cash payment – in GBP, EUR, or USD
  • Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

Unfortunately, Seedsman no longer accepts cash payments or check/money orders from UK customers as of October 2022.

Bitcoin is only available for customers in the United States (US) for cryptocurrency payments.

However, they can accept other cryptocurrencies, such as Altcoin, for buyers outside the US.

Is There Discreet Packaging?

As with most seed banks, Seedsman provides discreet packaging for all orders.

Orders delivered to the US and countries in the EU are concealed inside discreet bubble wrap-protected parcels.

With deliveries outside these regions, orders are removed from breeder packages and stealthily hidden inside everyday items like documents and gifts.

Number of Strains Available

Seedsman offers over 4,000 options for marijuana seeds. You can find just about any cannabis strain on their website.

Ideal For

  • Expert growers
  • Medicinal purposes
  • Reliable and highly-rated
  • Offers good deals and promos
  • Stealth packaging
  • Wide range of price points
  • Inconsistent customer support
  • Lower germination guarantee
  • No free shipping

5. Beaver Seeds

This Canadian seed bank is slowly gaining favor among cannabis growers for its reliable customer support and consistently high yield.

Beaver Seeds is a Vancouver-based cannabis seed bank founded in 2007 and has been steadily growing.

Many hailed it as one of the best seed banks for its 24/7 customer support. You don’t have to wait for Canadian business hours to make that next purchase.

Though its selection may be smaller than the others, the company states it’s a way to weed out inferior strains.

They keep their selections limited to popular cannabis seeds and rare seed strains to guarantee excellent production quality.

Beaver Seeds have gained numerous positive reviews for their high germination rate and large crop sizes.

This Canadian seed bank offers high-quality feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds, and high-CBD seeds at a low cost.

With more than 30 high-CBD seeds, Beaver Seeds is a GREAT OPTION if you’re looking for medicinal marijuana seeds.

They also provide an online catalog for their cannabis seeds and a cannabis blog that provides growing tips for beginners.

Where Are They Located?

Beaver Seeds is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

Beaver Seeds accepts payment using the following:

  • Credit/debit cards – Visa and Mastercard
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash payment

Customers from Canada can also pay through EMT Interac.

You can contact them via phone at +1 (833) 688-8581 or email them at [email protected] if you prefer other payment options.

One thing, though, they don’t accept personal cheques.

Is There Discreet Packaging?

To guarantee your privacy, Beaver Seeds packages your order inside toys and t-shirts for maximum safety.

Not only do you get high-quality seeds, but you also get a freebie on the side too!

Number of Strains Available

Beaver Seeds believes that quality cannabis seeds trump quantity.

Though they only provide over 500 cannabis strains, you can be sure you’re getting good-quality stuff.

Ideal For

  • Novice growers
  • Medicinal purposes
  • Superb customer service
  • Provides a germination guide for beginners
  • FAST delivery
  • Free shipping for orders above $200
  • A limited selection of cannabis seeds
  • No germination guarantee policy

What Are Cannabis Seed Banks?

If you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds, online seed banks are convenient and accessible sources offering various weed seeds from breeders worldwide.

The decriminalization of cannabis in more regions across the globe has contributed to the rise of the cannabis seeds industry.

Now, more and more marijuana seed banks are cropping up all over the internet.

While this can seem promising, the industry is generally unregulated.

Many seed banks that have emerged in the market don’t provide a germination guarantee. Finding REPUTABLE seed banks can be a challenge.

The best seed banks should have the following:

  • An established history
  • Reputable breeders
  • Good variety of strains
  • Germination guarantee

That’s why I recommend purchasing from online seed banks with a strong track record of providing high-quality seeds.

What Are the Different Types of Cannabis Seeds?

Auto-flowering Seeds

Not all types of cannabis seeds are created equal. The best seed banks offer all three seed types, so customers have the luxury of options.

Before you buy cannabis seeds online, check which seeds are right for you:

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds can produce both male and female plants.

You can opt for this seed type if you want to cultivate MORE cannabis seeds because it stimulates reproduction.

Regular seeds are not recommended for beginners.

They require more attention and care if you want them to sprout successfully.

With this seed type, about 50% of the plants will be male, which can pollinate the female plants if you’re not careful.

TIP: Better steer clear of regular cannabis seeds if you want to yield more buds than seeds.

Auto-flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds tend to be easier to grow because they don’t require changes in lighting to mature.

They are bred to grow buds without constant management. Most auto-flowering seeds are also mold and disease-resistant.

These cannabis seeds are perfect if you’re growing marijuana INDOORS.

One DRAWBACK of auto-flowering cannabis seeds is that they produce less yield.

Feminized Seeds

Are you a first-timer? I’d recommend you start with feminized seeds.

Feminized marijuana seeds are specifically engineered to produce female plants that yield smokable buds.

You can go for feminized seeds if you want higher yields without worrying about accidental pollination.

Be warned, though! Feminized marijuana seeds can still develop male seeds if stressed.

Known stressors that can cause hermaphroditism in female plants include the following:

  • Inferior genetics
  • Temperature
  • Poor irrigation
  • Mechanical stress

Feminized seeds take longer to mature.

However, with proper care and supervision, you’re guaranteed a rich harvest with high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

What Are the Advantages of Seed Banks

Buying cannabis seeds online has never been easier for growers worldwide because of seed banks that ship worldwide.

There are SEVERAL BENEFITS to purchasing cannabis seeds from the best seed banks online.

1. Efficient

Marijuana seed banks allow customers to browse the best cannabis seeds from different breeders on one site.

Want to buy marijuana seeds that you can grow indoors? Check out the auto-flowering seeds section of your cannabis seed bank of choice.

How about some high-CBD hemp seeds for your medicinal needs? Trustworthy seed banks are here to help!

2. Accessible

Compared to local dispensaries (if there is one in your area), you can access online seed banks without leaving your couch.

Buying cannabis seeds online is as simple as pulling up their website, placing an order, and waiting for your much-awaited package.

There’s also a growing number of seed banks that ship straight to your doorstep, even if you’re outside the US or EU.

3. Discreet

In most parts of the world, marijuana use is still taboo or even illegal.

Many customers worry about the discreteness of their orders when they arrive. Fortunately, vendors are well aware of this concern.

Seed banks ship packages through various stealth shipping methods.

You can find your order inside t-shirts, magazines, wooly hats, and just about anything!

4. Secure and Private

Any good seed bank ensures customers don’t worry about incriminating bank statements.

Several vendors process payments through a network of bank partners that conceal the billing name for the utmost discretion and privacy.

If you buy marijuana seeds online, many seed banks offer payment methods that guarantee that your transaction is secure and private.

5. Informative

Not only do seed banks deliver premium cannabis seeds, but they also offer RESOURCES for growing marijuana seeds.

Sites such as MSNL, Seedsman, and Beaver Seeds provide numerous informative articles and posts for customers interested in growing cannabis seeds.

They compile lists that make it easier for enthusiasts to choose which strains best suit their needs and blogs that provide cannabis-related updates.

Seed banks can be great references for curious growers who want to make the most of growing marijuana.

What Are the Disadvantages of Seed Banks?

There are significant risks if you want to buy marijuana seeds online.

Before purchasing, be aware of the following drawbacks when buying from online marijuana seed banks:

1. Inconsistent Delivery Time

Seed banks ship to multiple locations that have different customs and postal systems. The best seed banks strive to ship orders within 24 hours.

For local orders, the delivery time is considerably faster, typically within 2-5 business days.

International orders are trickier because they must pass through their respective countries’ customs before delivery.

That is if all goes well. Several reviews from customers online report that their orders never even arrive.

2. Low Germination Guarantees

Many vendors, particularly those new in the business, don’t indicate a germination guarantee.

Some may offer a diverse range of strains but don’t necessarily ensure the consistency of their products.

Though some seed banks offer substitutions, such as Seedsman, many customers remain dissatisfied because the replaced seeds usually differ from the strain they ordered.

3. Unreliability

We’ve all heard this one.

Perhaps the MOST COMMON CONCERN with online seed banks is the likelihood of getting scammed.

Because you don’t meet the vendor in person, you can’t be sure whether your package will get to you.

Some banks have a guaranteed delivery option that assures your order will be resent to you free of charge should it not arrive on time.

It’s important to ensure that you source from a good seed bank with an established record of reliable service and quality products.

This article aims to help you buy marijuana seeds online from only the BEST cannabis seed banks.

4. Payment Methods

Depending on the seed bank, this topic might not be an issue.

However, some vendors can have limited payment options that may be detrimental to the customer’s end.

Again, this circles back to my earlier point.

Some customers might not be comfortable with pre-paid orders done through credit/debit cards or bank transfers for fear of never receiving their package.

5. Price

As the supplier, certain seed banks may charge you more than what certain strains are worth.

Of course, increasing the selling price is necessary to make a profit, but you should also be wise in choosing which vendors offer the best products at great value.

I personally find the best online seed banks are the ones that provide quality seeds at reasonable prices.

When in doubt, look for special sales and deals to get the most out of money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you still worrying about whether to purchase those marijuana seeds in your online cart?

Below are some burning questions that everyone’s been asking:

Is Buying Marijuana Seeds Illegal?

Well, it depends on your locality. Marijuana seeds are considered cannabis products.

If you live in a place where marijuana is legal, it’s perfectly safe to buy cannabis seeds.

If you live in a place where it is illegal, then buying marijuana seeds online is also illegal.

To get around some technicalities, certain banks market marijuana seeds as novelty souvenirs ONLY. It’s still pretty tricky, though.

Most vendors will advise checking the legality of marijuana in your area before buying marijuana seeds online.

How Much Do Marijuana Seeds Cost?

The cost of marijuana seeds can vary depending on KEY FACTORS such as:

  • Genetic quality
  • The potency of the strain
  • Type of seed
  • Expertise and reputation of breeders

Generally, feminized seeds and auto-flowering seeds are PRICIER because they are considerably more difficult to produce.

A pack of 10 feminized seeds can cost between $100-$300 compared to regular seeds of the same quantity, which typically go for $60-$100 depending on other factors.

A pack of low-quality cannabis seeds can go for $40 on average, while high-quality seeds can go upwards of $400.

Of course, just because some weed seeds are more expensive doesn’t mean they’re better.

That’s why you should choose the best seed bank that delivers high-quality marijuana seeds and gives you excellent value for your money.

What Are the Differences Between Male and Female Seeds?

The main difference between male and female seeds is that male plants DO NOT produce buds. They only generate pollen.

Female cannabis plants are the best for growing marijuana because they produce buds you can smoke.

Many growers favor female seeds because it guarantees a higher yield and fewer males getting in the mix.

If males pollinate your female plants, this can produce less yield because they create seeds instead. It can result in an inferior product overall.

I would advise you not to grow male and female cannabis plants near each other to avoid pollination.


So what is the best marijuana seed bank that ships worldwide?

Whether you need hemp seeds for medicinal uses or a Kush strain to help you relax, there’s a marijuana seed bank for your needs.

The best online marijuana seed bank will ultimately come down to your needs and preferences.

Whatever our preferences, we can all agree that getting high-quality cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks is our top priority.

Before you purchase cannabis seeds, check your local policies on marijuana.

Stay safe!