Purple Power Strain

Purple Power Marijuana Strain

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  • Energetic
  • Talkative
  • Tingly


  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Headache


  • Anxiety
  • Lackof Appetite
  • Stress

The Purple Power strain of marijuana is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is popular among outdoor and greenhouse growers. Its parent strains are Skunk #1 and Dutch Dope. It was bred by crossing these two strains. The Purple Power strain is difficult to manage when grown indoors due to its unpredictable nature.

The positive effects of smoking Purple Power include a strong sense of euphoria, relaxation, and increased visual perception. Some users may feel couch-locked after smoking this strain. The negative effects are minimal and include dry mouth and eyes.

Medical users of marijuana may find relief from the Purple Power strain for conditions such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. This strain can also be used to ease the symptoms of seizure disorders.

The THC content ranges from 14-22%. Growing can take place indoors or outdoors. The flowering time is 8-9 weeks. When grown indoors, expect a yield of about 16 ounces per square meter. Outdoor growers can expect a yield of 18 ounces per plant.

This strain produces resinous, purple flowers that have a sweet smell and a skunky flavor. Purple Power is a popular strain among users who are looking for a quick and robust high that comes with trippy visual effects.

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