Hash Plant Strain

Hash Plant Marijuana Strain

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  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy


  • Dizzy
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth


  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Pain

The Hash Plant is a classic cannabis strain grown by Sensi Seeds. This strain has parent strains that are Afghani and Northern Lights. This strain is a 90% indica, and it originated in the USA. The flowers from this plant are brittle when dried, and it has a deep Afghani aroma with hints of hashish when the plant is smoked or vaporized.

The effects of this strain are known to be mellow and upbeat. It leaves you feeling relaxed, euphoric, and comfortable, and your mind will be calm. This can be a great strain for treating minor pains and aches while also relieving depression or anxiety. When the high wears off, you may become tired, so this is not recommended for daytime use.

The adverse effects of this strain include dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, and cramping. Hash Plant has an average THC level that ranges from 14%-17% and has an average CBD level of 0.2%. The aroma from dried Hash Plant is similar to freshly crushed leaves with a slight citrus flavor.

This strain has a flowering time of 8 weeks with an average yield of 350 to 450 grams per square meter indoors. Outdoor planting of this plant will be ready for harvest in late October. The strain is resistant to mold and pests and is unknown to have any growing or flowering issues.

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