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Eleven Roses Marijuana Strain

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Eleven Roses is an Indica marijuana strain made from crossing Sugar Black Rose with Appalachian Kush. The strain was created by the Delicious Seeds. It originated in the United Kingdom, but it can be bought and bred in the United States of America.

The effects of this strain are said to be felt within minutes of smoking it. The high is described as a full-body feeling that makes you feel uplifted, relaxed, and happy. Medical marijuana patients often smoke this strain to treat depression, anxiety, stress, loss of appetite, physical pain, muscle spasms, and nausea.

The main side effect is a dry mouth and eyes, and it may cause dizziness as well. The THC level of this strain is about 16% on average. The smell of this strain is said to be fruity with hints of spice. The taste is described as very smooth and sweet.

Eleven Roses grows well indoors but can grow outdoors as long as the weather stays warm, and the plant is given plenty of light throughout its life. The plant usually grows to be between 2 feet and 4 feet tall indoors. This plant is described as being bushy and dense. The flowering stage of this plant typically takes about 8 weeks.

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