Best Seed Banks That Ship to United States: A Complete Guide

As marijuana is legalized, marijuana growers are also hunting for the best cannabis seed banks.

Of course, you don’t want to pay for anything less than high-quality marijuana seeds. Plus! Good deals and shipping will keep your seeds safe and sound.

Finding one that will give you the best strain development might be additional work.

Worry not! Because we will give you the top seed banks in the industry!

The 5 Best Seed Banks That Ship to the USA

high-quality marijuana

A marijuana seed bank is where seeds are stored to preserve diversity and where they are kept in a controlled environment.

You can find many seed banks online, but NOT ALL are branded as reputable seed banks with wide selections of strains, stealth shipping, good customer service, and quality cannabis seeds.

Here are the five best marijuana seed banks that ship to the USA!

1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

ILGM is one of the top-notch cannabis seed banks out there. They have plenty of seed types and cannabis strains.

If you prefer powerful highs, they also have a selection of high THC strains, or for starters, their beginner Cannabis strains should be fun to grow.

You can choose from their calming Indica and stimulating Sativa seeds if you’re looking for medical seeds.

Plus! They offer marijuana fertilizer and grow kits to ensure that your Cannabis seeds grow healthy and expand your produce.

ILGM is one of the few online cannabis seed banks that has a good user interface on their website.

As it smoothly categorizes the strains, the payment and shipping faqs, etc.

They offer guaranteed delivery. So, if your Cannabis seeds don’t arrive, they will send you another pack for free!

Where Are They Located?

ILGM is a popular seed bank Amsterdam-based company. They ship from Europe and Netherlands-based locations.

They also have a USA warehouse for faster shipping.

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

When you buy cannabis seeds online, ILGM offers multiple payment methods.

You can pay through the bank, cash, credit card, and bitcoin.

  • Bank – When paying via bank, ILGM offers online bank transfer using an email address, wire bank transfer, and sending a check or bill pay. Paying through the bank is their most frequently used method as well as the quickest and cheapest.

  • Cash – If you opt for cash, you can send ILGM an envelope containing the cash. Then they will send you the order. You will receive the mailing address, and they will give you directions on sending the money.

  • Credit Card – You can pay for premium marijuana seeds using your credit card. Their checkout carries all credit card providers, and a secured third-party company will handle your information within their online seed banks.

  • Bitcoin – Yes, you can purchase marijuana seeds using bitcoin. You will have to buy your Bitcoin first, then use it on the Kraken or CashApp to adjust on the Lightning for quick payments. You will also receive the ILGM bitcoin payment address and follow the instructions. When you buy their high-quality marijuana seeds thru Bitcoin, you will get a 10% discount on your order, safe payment, and fast processing.

Is There Discreet Packaging?

Yes, the stealth packaging comes in an envelope that looks like regular mail, only that it has nothing illegal written to void attention.

But if in some cases, your parcel is held up in the mail, ILGM will deliver free seeds at your convenience.

Number of Strains Available

They only offer 80 high-quality strains.

  • Wide selection of strains
  • Free shipping to all US states
  • Offers germination guarantee
  • Has 24/7 growth support and guides
  • Additional $25 charge for tracking the shipping
  • Lower number of strains

2. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank with 16 years of experience and stocking premium seeds with over 300 stores.

It is safe to say that Crop King Seeds is the best Canadian seed bank that provides perfect genetics ranging from medicinal weeds to new-age hybrids.

They have a mix and match of auto-flowering seeds that suit new cultivators who don’t give too much commitment to growing marijuana but still want advanced cannabis strains.

If you are indecisive, try their ten unlabeled high-quality cannabis seeds. This pack only consists of feminized seeds, so there is no need to worry about those males ruining the crop.

They also have an easy-to-navigate website, which provides informative content on how to grow Cannabis plants.

If you want express shipping, that comes with an extra fee, but it will confirm a reshipment whenever the package gets to hold up in customs.

Where Are They Located?

Crop king seeds is a Canadian-based company, but they ship to the USA, UK, and worldwide.

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

Crop king seeds accept payment thru Visa, Mastercard, Venmo, Bitcoin, and other types of cryptocurrencies.

Canadian customers can also pay via Interac E-transfer, which can be the most convenient option.

They also accept coins such as Monero, Dash, and Zcash.

Is There Discreet Packaging?

Yes, they utilize rotating stealth shipping methods to assure that your parcel will arrive on time and intact.

They have guaranteed delivery for $30 for a well-secured package, but if you don’t pay extra, they are not responsible for any seized packages.

Number of Strains Available

They have over 500 strains available.

This includes the classic Kush and new-age hybrid strains.

  • 80% Germination guarantee
  • Offers free seeds for orders $420 or more
  • Offers discount coupons
  • Fast and Safe Delivery (2-7 days in US time)
  • Provides germination guides
  • Offers free shipping for orders over $300 only

3. MJ Seeds Canada

Another reputable seed bank from Canada that provides diverse, high-quality seeds with great customer service, germination guarantee, fast delivery, and freebies.

MJ seeds are suitable for marijuana growers looking for CBD-rich seeds to grow into medicinal Cannabis plants. You can still find THC-rich seeds and unique weed seeds.

They offer guaranteed delivery in $20 or $40 shipping options, so your weed seeds are insured, and they can track the package until delivered to you.

They offer free shipping for orders over $200 and 10 free seeds for orders above $420, so you can save up to 14% on your regular bulk orders.

They ship weed seeds within 24 hours upon receipt of payment, and normally, it will take up to 7-21 business days for orders with regular posts across North America.

But with express shipping, the delivery time can be as short as one week.

Where Are They Located?

MJ Seeds was founded in 2005 in Canada.

However, they ceased their operations due to a misunderstanding regarding the laws in Canada.

When it was made legal in the US, particularly in Washington and Colorado, it started its operations and became one of the best seed banks in the world.

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

MJ seeds offer multiple payment methods, from cash, EMTC Interac payments, bitcoins, and MasterCard.

If you buy cannabis seeds for over $200, you will get free shipping, and if you spend $420, you can get free cannabis seeds, depending on the items.

  • Cash – The cash option is SAFE and PRIVATE, as you will have to place the payment in an envelope and send it to the mailing address given at the checkout. You will have to enclose the money in tin foil or carbon paper but do not include any coins.

  • EMT Interac payments – This option is only applicable to Canadian Customers. So, you will have to log in to your Canadian bank and arrange an email transfer to the provided email address. Next, set “green1” as your password and “Question” as your order number. Note that this setup can take up to a few hours, but they will ship your Cannabis seeds on the same day.

  • Bitcoin – MJ seed bank is also adapting to the new world currency, as you can buy cannabis seeds online using Bitcoins. You can follow their instructions on BTC on their site.

  • Visa and MasterCard – For Visa and MasterCard, the bank imposes a 10% for service fee, which will be passed onto the customer. You can always pay in cash if you don’t want additional charges. Note that they DON’T accept personal checks and COD.

Is There Discreet Packaging?

YES, they have stealth shipping, as they don’t use a logo or mention the products on the packaging.

Interestingly, they regularly change the technique of shipping.

You can receive your Cannabis seed strains from the inside of random electronic machinery or even toys.

For shipping outside North America, they send the package through birthday cards.

You can have a safe transaction, as they don’t keep your personal information.

Number of Strains Available

They have over 500 strains available.

  • 80% seed germination rate
  • Intuitive website
  • Stealth shipping and guaranteed delivery
  • Slower speed delivery

4. Marijuana Seeds (MSNL)

MSNL is one of the best seed banks that ship worldwide.

MSNL offers you the most vigorous weed through their collection of High THC and high-yield marijuana seeds.

Their fast-flowering and auto-flowering cannabis seeds should be ready for reaping within just eight weeks of planting the seeds.

The one behind MSNL seed bank is a geneticist, and they have been breeding cannabis seeds for 20 years so that you can guarantee quality products in time.

Freebies are not new to MSNL, as you can get a minimum of five free seeds for every order, which will increase as your Cannabis seeds order increases.


Where Are They Located?

MSNL seed bank is based in London, UK.

It started in 1999, and since then, they have been considered a top cannabis seed bank in the UK, known for its high-quality seeds.

Marijuana seeds Nl was pioneered by a group of friends with enthusiasm towards the medical and recreational motivation of marijuana.

They aim to produce the highest grade of marijuana seeds for patrons, starters, and professional cultivators.

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

MSNL is one of the Cannabis seed banks online that offers multiple payment methods to customers.

So, you can choose from cash, bank transfer, credit or debit cards, and bitcoin (BTC).

For cash payment, you will have to pay first before they send you the package, and cash on delivery is not applicable.

You can double your free seeds with an anonymous payment for bank transfer payments.

The perks for paying through bitcoin, you will assure 15% off the total price of the order.

Is There Discreet Packaging?

MSNL has high delivery success rates, discreet billing, and maximum reassurance, so you can get what you’ve spent.

The seed bank that ships worldwide comes with three shipping options too. You can choose standard, stealth, and guaranteed stealth shipping.

As for the delivery speed, this will depend on your location. For the UK orders, it will take up to only 1-3 business days; for the European countries, it should take up to five business days.

The package must be delivered in 7-12 days for orders to ship to the USA. But if you fancy faster delivery, you can also pay extra for the service.

Number of Strains Available

As of the moment, MSNL provides over 200 strains.

  • Marijuana strains have 90-100 germination rates
  • Offers free seed for every order
  • Provides promo discounts and loyalty program
  • Provides complete guides for first-time growers
  • No germination guarantee

5. Seedsman

The Seedman online seed bank is like the Grammy Awards regarding Cannabis seeds and strains. They have a wide variety of 4 400 high-quality weed seeds.

If you are looking for hybrid seeds, then Seedsman is your man!

Besides the fact that they breed their Cannabis seeds, they also gather from different premium marijuana seed banks.

You can enjoy choosing from their wide variety of strains. They also got the classics, high THC, a balanced CBD, and dynamic genetics.

No wonder they have been in the Cannabis seeds industry for over 18 years, with an average of 4.5 rating from over 10 000 reviews.

You can get up to 20% discount and free seed if you order in bulk.

They also offer informative guides to help you get the best out of growing marijuana. A germination guarantee backs them, so if the seeds do not pop, they will replace them.

Where Are They Located?

Seedsman is based in Spain and has an office in the UK.

They have warehouses in both Spain and the UK, as well as the US.

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

You can choose from their list of payment methods which includes:

  • Credit or debit cards
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Billpay
  • Wire transfer
  • Bitcoin/altcoins

If you complete the payment method, you will receive a confirmation of your successful purchase.

Is There Discreet Packaging?

They have hubs in Europe and the US.

It will take 2-12 working days to ship the marijuana seeds.

There have been reports of slow shipping in the US, but they will send your Cannabis seeds in discreet shipping.

But your marijuana seeds are packed in tiny plain cardboard boxes or airtight padded envelopes to fend off anyone who might get skeptical.

Number of Strains Available

This seed bank contains more than 4,400 high-quality weed seeds.

  • Wide selection of seeds and strains
  • Provide new growers with informative guides
  • Offers germination guarantee
  • Free shipping in bulk orders
  • Slow shipping in the US

What Are Cannabis Seed Banks?

Cannabis seed banks are where the seeds are collected and stored in their dormant form to maintain genetic diversity.


The facility considers the environmental conditions to preserve the longevity of the seeds, especially since cannabis seed banks work at low temperatures.

As a business industry, they produce auto-flowering and fast version seeds, hybrid and rare seed strains, and feminized seeds to optimize the yield for commercial use.

When buying marijuana seeds online, always consider how they handle them to ensure a high germination rate.

mend purchasing from online seed banks with a strong track record of providing high-quality seeds.

What Are Its Advantages?

Buying cannabis seeds online can be straightforward.

They have lots of advantages, especially when it comes to convenience.

1. Autonomy

Online seed banks will let you choose a wide variety of high-quality cannabis seeds.

They will present all the seeds and strains available in the store. Usually, they categorize the seeds into regular, feminized, auto-flowering, high THC or CBD, rare and hybrid strains.

They provide additional useful information to help you pick the seeds that will suit you best.

This way, you can easily find the seeds and take time to find the perfect strain to grow.

2. Stealth Packaging

The best cannabis seed banks that ship to the USA will always find a way to safely package your order without anyone getting suspicious.

So, they usually place it in envelopes or disguise it in merchandise, then shipped directly to your doorstep.

3. Convenient

When you buy marijuana seeds online, you don’t need to go out and strain yourself.

Just sit on your couch, look for the best seed bank, order your pick, pay for the package, get freebies, and wait until you get them.

It’s super easy!

What Are Its Disadvantages?

Of course, you can’t deny that online seed banks have their risks and disadvantages.

We want you to know it before you own marijuana seeds from these banks.

1. Confiscation

In states where weed is not legal for recreational use, there’s always a risk that shipments to the US will get seized.

But you can avail of the guaranteed delivery.

So if you pay extra and the package gets confiscated, you will get another package to ensure you got what you paid for.

2. Unreliable Vendors

Many are claiming to be the best seed banks to buy cannabis, only to find out that you have purchased poor quality, poor choices of genetics, and low germination rates.

Sometimes it’s hard to discern whose legit and who is not due to anonymity online. Customers may also be left unprotected.

So, better check carefully for any site encounter.

3. Legal Charges

If you get caught buying weed seeds in a state that doesn’t legalize the use of marijuana, you can get a lawsuit and face criminal charges.

What Are the Different Types of Cannabis Seeds?

Before you choose a strain, decide first on the type of marijuana seeds, so you will know what will suit best for the environment you’re in.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are generally a mixed bag of male and female seeds. They are the cheaper choice, but there’s always a possibility that you can get the male seeds.

Regular seeds are photoperiod, so you should control light cycles to propel the cannabis plant to the stages of growth, from the vegetation to the flowering stage.

The male plants are only useful to people collecting pollen and aiming for a seeded bud or if they want to experiment with a particular breeding or yield new strains.

Nevertheless, many growers opt for marijuana seeds that are inbred or haven’t been backcrossed.

So, they will have to sex out the seeds when their reproductive organs are exposed during the flowering stage, so they will then get rid of the males.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds ensure the yield of female cannabis plants. Feminized seeds are gathered from a female plant that has been altered in stressful conditions to produce pollen.

Cultivators want the female seed that self-pollinates because feminized marijuana seeds tend to be more expensive and are also a great choice for first-time growers.

Feminized seeds are undemanding, as they are time-efficient and save resources and labor.

When you grow feminized marijuana seeds, you are getting rid of the process of setting out the plants and scrapping the males.

Take note that the males can slip and pollinate the crop. This will make your females produce seeds instead of buds.

Auto-flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds have adjusted to survive in harsh environments. They don’t rely on light requirements for germination and flowering.

In ten weeks, you can see that they will start to flower and only need minimum sunlight to complete the life cycle.

So, auto-flowering seeds are mostly recommended for new growers because they are low-maintenance and have faster growth times.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are also resilient. Due to their strong genetics, they can control insect infestations and mold. However, auto-flowering seeds are less potent.

Things to Consider When Choosing Seed Banks That Ship to the USA

Seed Banks That Ship to the USA

Hold up! Before you click order to any seed banks to buy marijuana seeds, make sure your chosen seed bank:

  • Is trusted by previous and current customers
  • Has a variety of strains
  • Has good deals

The best cannabis seed bank should tick all the boxes below.


Yes, first and foremost, look at their reputation and performance!

You can assess this through ratings and reviews, which you can find on their website.

Note that reputable seed banks should have great customer service, which is one vital factor customers in the US always consider.

You can also look for the best online seed bank that provides informative guides for first-time growers and a support team that is readily available for queries.

Available Strains

One advantage of a good seed bank is that you can choose various strains without stepping out to your door.

Fortunately, all the seed banks above offer this perk.

If you are new in the industry, you can choose the Mix and Match male and female seeds from Crop King Seeds, or if you want an astonishing variety of strains, you can choose Seedsman.

Customers would also vouch for the best seed banks with great genetics. In this case, you can opt for MSNL, as the one behind them is a geneticist.

Delivery and Payments

When buying cannabis seeds online, you will see they have guaranteed delivery and convenient payment methods.

You wouldn’t want anything to draw eyes toward your package, so try to look at how the seed bank packages the seeds. If they are creative in disguising the seeds, then one point for that!

In any case, where the package gets lost and confiscated, a good seed bank should have guaranteed delivery options that will provide reshipment.

When it comes to payment methods, plenty of online seed banks are offering options besides cash.

Bank transfers and credit cards are easy and don’t store your information.

But some stores provide discounts if you buy cannabis seeds online through bitcoins. This payment method is also encrypted and undetectable.


You can say that the best seed banks are pretty generous regarding their loyal customers.

Usually, cannabis seeds come in a pack of 10 to 12 for $40, but the seeds with higher grades and genetics can come between $200 to $500. They were a bit pricey.

Your seed bank may offer free cannabis seeds for every purchase, such as the MSNL and MJ seeds Canada.

Some cannabis seed bank companies also offer free shipping for bulk orders and discounts when paying for bitcoins.

Guaranteed Germination

A good sign for the best online seed banks is the ones that offer a germination guarantee.

Even if the customers fail to germinate the seeds, they can still get their money back.

But this might be only applicable to specific strains. Nonetheless, this is a possible money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is some additional information to answer your queries

Is It Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

The legality of buying marijuana online depends on the state.

People residing in states with adult-use legalization purchase, produce, and sell the seeds within the state, provided the seeds won’t cross the state lines.

People living in locations with legalized medical marijuana can only obtain the seeds if they present a medical card.

For any marijuana seed bank outside the US, selling seeds for souvenirs is allowed.

However, it is illegal to bring the seeds into the US, and there’s a possibility that the customs will confiscate them if they find packages or in person.

So, research first to ensure that your state permits buying and growing marijuana to avoid legal actions against you.

How Long Does It Take for the Seeds to Be Shipped to the USA?

Shipping of the seeds will also depend on the seed bank.

For fast/express shipping, it would only take 2 to 5 business days, but when the package is shipped from Canada or the UK, it can take up to two weeks.

What if I Get Caught Buying Marijuana Seeds?

If you get caught buying marijuana seeds in states that haven’t legalized it for recreational use, you could face criminal charges and penalties.

In some states, possessing marijuana without a license is prohibited.

In worst cases, this can result in drug trafficking if you prove that you sell cannabis seeds.

What if the Marijuana Seeds Get Confiscated?

They could be incinerated or destroyed in the mail.

But the best cannabis seed banks provide guaranteed shipping facilities.

So, if these cases happen, the customers can still get their package reshipped without additional fees.


Growing marijuana may be a bit tough. You need to find the best cannabis seeds and the best online seed banks that offer them.

In your quest to search for the best seed bank, make sure that you read the reviews and test their customer service experience.

Pay for the ones with assurance and high-quality cannabis seeds!