Vivosun Grow Light: A Full Buying Guide for 2023

Do you need a quick and full analysis of VIVOSUN’s indoor lighting products?

Here, we have an informative one on their popular VS1500 model!

Vivosun Grow Lights: Brief Overview

Vivosun Grow Light Review

VIVOSUN is one of the brands that provides great equipment and accessories for any grow room, as well as grow tents that you’ll need for growing your plants.

From their impressive LED grow light line, we will review the VIVOSUN VS1500 LED Grow Light, whose sales data shows that it’s one of their best-selling lights.

Read on for the full review!

What’s in the Box:

  • VIVOSUN LED grow light
  • Two ratcheting ropes
  • Power cable
  • Instruction manual

The packaging it came in with was easy to open, and the contents were safely tucked inside the box.

Product Specifications:

  • PPE: 2.8 μmol/J
  • Dimmer: Yes, 25%/50%/75%/100%/OFF/EXT
  • PPF: 250 umol/s
  • Certification: ETL & CE & FCC & IP65
  • Input Power: 150W
  • Recommend Fan Size: 4-inch / 6-inch
  • Flower Coverage: 2 x 2 ft.
  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Grow Tent Compatible: 2 x 2 ft. / 3 x 3 ft.
  • Veg Coverage: 3 x 3 ft.
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  • Reasonable price; good value for money
  • The components are good quality
  • Efficient grow light performance
  • Full spectrum lighting
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  • We feel that it needs a daisy chain

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5 Essential Features

Based on our usage test, here are the key findings of our VIVOSUN LED grow light review:

1) High-Powered LED Lighting

With a consumption of 150W, the VIVOSUN VS1500 LED Grow Light provides lots of brightness for indoor gardening. You’d need sunglasses just to turn it on.

It also offers full-spectrum lighting, which is suitable for all stages of plant growth and helps to improve the quality of yields and plant health.

2) Energy Efficiency

This LED grow light uses high-efficiency LED chips that help reduce energy costs while providing a full spectrum of light.

Additionally, its capability for daisy-chain links makes it easy to control multiple lights with a single source, further reducing energy costs.

3) Improved Growth of Plants

This light provides great PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) output and uniform spread, which helps improve plant growth and harvest.

The full-spectrum lighting supports all cultivation stages of plants as you wait for them to flourish from seedling to flowering.

4) Reliable Cooling System

The light is equipped with high-speed, quiet fans and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks, which provide efficient heat dissipation for near-perfect temperature control.

A light with this ability is perfect for growing rooms that are prone to heat.

5) Durable Design

With a waterproof design and durable frame, this light is built to last. We enjoy this aspect of the product as indoor gardening enthusiasts.

It does not have a ballast, so it is easier to hang from its hangers and adjust even after it is attached to your tents.

Are Vivosun Grow Lights Brighter than Traditional LED Lights?

Vivosun grow light

It depends on the specific VIVOSUN model and the traditional LED light being compared. In general, grow lights are designed to be brighter to provide high levels of light that plants need.

As an example, the VIVOSUN VS1500 LED Grow Light is brighter than many traditional LED light sources thanks to its high PAR output that provides a full spectrum of light.

NOTE: That the features we mentioned above are pretty standard for any VIVOSUN light, which is why they are trusted as a great brand.

The brightness of a grow light ultimately depends on various factors, such as the number of LED chips, their efficiency, and the light’s energy consumption.

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Where to Buy Vivosun Grow Lights

Amazon store

To get your own VIVOSUN light, you can check out their website as well as their Amazon store. They have a selection of lighting products that may interest you.

On either platform, you can access varying price points and helpful (positive or negative) feedback on any of their light products.

We’ve had great experiences using both platforms.


If you need more information on indoor growing with LED lighting, here are answers to some hot questions:

What LED grow light is best for growing plants?

There is no one “perfect” light that will work for all types of vegetation. The best light will depend on a specific plant’s needs and growing habits.

That said, we generally find VIVOSUN light products to be rather reliable and well-priced.

Will plants grow faster with a LED grow light?

They can provide the right spectrum of light and the high levels that plants need for optimal growing, which can observably result in faster growth.

However, this is NOT GUARANTEED, as the availability of other factors, such as water, nutrients, and carbon dioxide, also play a role in a plant’s growth rate.

Final Verdict: Are Vivosun Grow Lights Worth It?

For its many valuable features, like efficient energy consumption and full spectrum lighting, matched with a sensible price point, the VIVOSUN VS1500 is indeed worth the purchase!

We hope this review helped you understand how lighting for indoor gardening works and what makes a good grow light.