Spider Farmer Grow Tent Review: Is This the Best Grow Tent of 2023?

Spider farmer grow tent

If you’re growing cannabis or vegetables at home, trust me, an indoor grow tent will be worth the purchase! To find the right kind of grow tent for your needs, read our article on the best grow tents for cannabis.

Grow tents create the perfect environment for your plants to thrive in. They’re great at preventing unwanted odors from escaping too.

And if you’ve got cannabis in there, you know what I mean. You better protect the neighbors from that funky, nasty stench!

By now, you must be wondering, with so many brand options in the market, where can I start? You’ve come to the right place!

I highly recommend looking at the Spider Farm 3×3 Grow Tent for many reasons. Find out why it is worth your buck in this quick review below. Read on!

About the Brand

Spider Farmer has been a trusted indoor and hydroponic gardening brand for many years.

They give farmers, hobbyists, and professionals easy access to various growing tools, including full indoor grow tent kits, and LED grow lights.

Spider Farmer is keen on helping beginners, and advanced growers cultivate healthy and vibrant plants at home or commercial levels.

With the horticulture community increasing by the day, Spider Farmer stops at nothing to continue the expansion and evolution of their product line in the years to come!

Spider Farmer 3×3 Grow Tent Features

Spider Farmer’s pro-grade 3×3 indoor grow tent is one of the best and most durable grow tents you can get your hands on.

This grow tent features double stitching everywhere, is made of strong materials, and the best part, it comes reasonably priced!

Made with a unique 1680D Oxford canvas and Diamond reflective Mylar, this grow tent easily controls the ideal light and temperature for your beloved plants.

With that, energy is also efficiently utilized. Its quality, non-toxic materials allow maximum light reflectivity and prevent light leaks.

Zippers are often a second thought on grow tents. But they turn your experience sour when they don’t work as smoothly. However, with this grow tent, you’ll be easily zipping and unzipping!

And if that’s not enough, extra pull tabs and tie straps are also available, so the door gets securely fastened when you’re working inside the grow tent.

Regarding the overall structure of these tents, the Spider Farmer grow tent is made with strong metal poles and solid steel corner connectors.

The hardened steel metal frame makes this tent sturdier than most grow tents on the market. It has a capacity of 140 lbs.

A large viewing window on the front door flap is available too. It is made with a mesh layer covered by a thick Velcro canvas rectangle. This makes it a pleasure to observe your prized plants!

You can also find multiple round and rectangular vents for varying fan filter sizes and power cords. All these openings come with locking bungee-style closures.

These ports are all double-layered with a second layer of protection to prevent any light and odor from entering and escaping the tent.

Another important component in this indoor grow tent is a mylar-lined canvas catch basin on the bottom of the tent. Its job is to collect errant moisture from the drips of plants.

This basin is removable and easy to clean. You don’t even need to dismantle the whole tent to do this.Lastly, putting up your Spider Farmer grow tent won’t take a few hours. You won’t even need any special tools, either! Its sturdy metal frame, corner adapter, filter straps, and floor tray can be easily assembled.

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  • Solid and sturdy build quality
  • Made of strong material
  • Price is reasonable
  • Convenient and accessible ventilation and power supply
  • Smooth zipper action
  • Light-proof and odor-proof
  • Efficient and bright grow light
  • Sufficient headroom can manage large plants
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Super reflective material
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  • The inline fan can get too loud
  • The grow light can get very hot
  • The ducting is not too durable
  • It doesn’t come with grow room glasses
  • Slight light leak


This grow tent comes in a size of 90 x 90 x 180 CM (or 3’x 3’x 6′). This allows growers to cultivate their crops in an ideal environment.

Aside from a good size, the build on this Spider Farmer grow tent also allows professional control for light and temperature.

Thanks to its 1680D Oxford canvas exterior and Diamond reflective Mylar interior.


This Spider Farmer indoor grow tent comes with a 5-year warranty.

Spider Farmer prides itself on 100% customer satisfaction. If unsatisfied with your purchase, the brand is just one e-mail away!

Apart from minor damages like its zipper and perhaps some shipping issues, there’s not much room for the Spider Farmer grow tent to disappoint.

What Is Included in the Grow Tent Kit?

Most indoor grow tent kits have similar tools that help you start your horticulture journey. No doubt, you will be happy with what Spider Farmer included!

Here is what you should expect your grow tent kit to include:

The Grow Tent

Spider Farmer tents are durable and built to last a long time. They are made of high-quality material that prevents light and odor from leaking.

The tent will come with a thick metal frame, a thick diamond reflective mylar inner fabric, and a canvas exterior.

The tent will also feature multiple vents and windows so you can easily monitor your plant growth from the outside.

Removable Floor Tray

This part of the tent is particularly helpful when growing plants indoors.

A floor tray keeps any water leaks or spills from damaging your floor or carpet, especially if you are into hydroponic growth.

The LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer includes one of their high-quality LED grow lights in each tent kit. You can either have one of their following flagship grow lights:

  • SF1000D – 100-watt light
  • SF1000 – 100-watt with dimmer knob
  • SF2000 – 200-watt with dimmer knob

Each LED grow light uses Samsung LM301B diodes. This should provide sufficient lighting for a healthy growing atmosphere.

You can also purchase higher-end models if you’re fine spending a bit more. To compare the features of the Spider Farmer grow light, read our review.

Carbon Filter & Inline Fan

Growing indoor plants is not an easy feat. There are a lot of environmental factors to monitor, including clean and contaminant-free air.

Spider Farmer includes carbon filters and an inline fan with your grow space to ensure the air is crisp and safe.

Carbon filters remove harmful chemicals and odors from the air. The 4-inch inline duct fan assists in proper air circulation. The fan size fits right into the aluminum ducting, which is also included in the kit.

In case you are not cultivating cannabis or other aromatic plants, a carbon filter is unnecessary. But an inline fan will still be required to help circulate fresh air in your grow space.

Air Ducting

Flexible aluminum ducting should be available to connect the vents, filters, and fans.

You are also provided 3 duct clips to attach the ductwork securely with the fan and filter.

Digital Fan Speed Controller

This tool is super important in controlling the power setting of your fan. The digital fan speed controller helps control the temperature and humidity in your tent.

You can also use it to set specific settings and features. Humidity mustn’t get too high, or else your plants could suffer.


A hygrometer measures and monitors humidity levels in your grow room. This helps ensure plants are given the right amount of moisture, so mildew and mold don’t develop.

Light Timer

The timer allows you to set when your grow lights need to be switched on or off. Plants must get enough light during the day.

The timer also allows you to conserve energy by automatically switching off the grow light in case light is already sufficient or not needed at certain schedules.

Grow Bags

You might already have pots and containers for your plants. Nonetheless, this kit comes with 5-gallon grow bags for added growing space.

These grow bags are durable enough to hold both large and small plants.

Trellis Plant Netting

The Spider Farmer grow tent kit also comes with netting for the trellis. These are useful when you are growing larger plants like cannabis and peppers.

What Do Users Have to Say?

These reviews are taken straight from the official Spider Farmer website. These are what some existing users have to say about this indoor grow tent:

“Best tent I have ever owned! The fabric is thick and heavy, no worries about ripping. Absolutely ZERO light leaks, even around the zipper. I am using it with the SE3000 led light (also from Spider Farmer) – a sweet combination. My favorite thing about this tent? The zipper doesn’t get stuck!” – Allan

“Perfect size tent to pair with the se3000, to run 2-4 plants in. Super reflective! No light leaks through the zippers like some other brands! Go ahead, get this tent. It’s great for cloning vegetables and flowering. It’s not too big and not too small! The price is great with discount codes! Won’t break the bank, and it will fit just about anywhere!” – Robert D.

Why Should You Get a Grow Tent?

Crucial factors like temperature, light, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels are impossible to control in an open-air grow unless in commercial applications.

With an indoor grow tent, getting your desired plant yield and size has better chances of success than with open-air growing.


If the Spider Farmer grow tent is not what you’re considering, take a look at these other tents:

AC Infinity Cloudlab 2×3 Grow Tent

The AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 2×3 is a great tent for growing cannabis and other vegetation. It has a reflective diamond mylar lining that reflects excellent light and diffusion.

It comes with a second chamber removable tray with a Velcro wall that is particularly helpful during the seedling stage.

This grow tent also has a viewing window that allows growers to monitor their beloved plants without opening the door. Plus, a controller mounting plate is available for wires to pass through without the possibility of a light leak.

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  • Made of dense fabric
  • Durable build quality
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  • Small tent

MARS HYDRO 8×8 Grow Tent

The Mars Hydro 8×8 grow tent is a quality tent made of heavy-duty materials to last you years of happy growing.

This tent is made from 1680D fabric, which is double-stitched for extra strength and density. The metal corner adapters, poles, and zippers also help to withstand frequent use.

Mars Hydro grow tents include a huge observation window, spill tray, and tool pouch.

To compare Spider Farmer with its rival Mars Hydro, read this article.

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  • Durable build quality
  • Different sizes to choose from
  • Excellent customer service
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  • The Nylon door strap isn’t as strong as a Velcro strap
  • Light leaks in the zipper seams

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got more questions about the Spider Farmer indoor grow tent? We’ve got you covered!

Do Indoor Grow Tents Work?

Yes, they do! With a controlled environment, gardening will be convenient. Having a grow tent will eliminate a lot of variables you would encounter if you were growing open-air.

Grow tents allow you to propagate more mature plants faster and easier.

Does Spider Farmer Have Full Spectrum Light?

Yes, Spider Farmers offers full spectrum light options depending on the grower’s need. These lights mimic natural sunlight using a combination of all colors at all stages of growth.

All grow light models are available on the Spider Farmer official website.

What Are Light Leaks?

Light leaks are unwanted light that interferes with your controlled environment inside your grow tent. If you are growing cannabis, light leaks will be a big problem, especially during the flowering phase.

During the 12-hour dark period requirement, make sure to prevent light from leaking by sewing seams shut, using tape to cover holes, or locating your tent someplace darker.


For a price of $129, the Spider Farmer grow tent is worth the spend! It is one of the nicer grow tents I’ve used and reviewed.

Made with durable and heavy-duty material, these tents will promise you many years of convenient and pleasurable indoor growing.

I hope my Spider Farmer grow tent review has been helpful. Get yourself a good quality tent for your grow space today!