Best Grow Tent Accessories: A Complete Guide for Users

Grow tents let you create the perfect environment for indoor gardening.

Even with the ability to grow practically anything with grow tents, there’s nothing a few tent accessories can’t improve!

The right grow tent accessories can be the difference between a good yield and a HIGH one.

I’ll walk you through the best grow tent accessories you have to try to make for your indoor growing needs.

The 9 Best Grow Tent Accessories

First things first, let’s break down what makes a grow tent. There are two types of tent equipment: necessities and accessories.

Grow bags, lighting, and an exhaust fan are necessities because you can’t grow anything without them.

Grow tent accessories are anything you can add to maximize your yields, like environmental controls, carbon filters, and everything else.

Let’s look at the best grow tent accessories that can make your tent MORE effective:

1: Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters

If you live in an apartment or are sensitive to smell, a carbon filter is worth adding to your tent.

A carbon filter purifies and exhausts fresh air into the grow tent.

It’s filled with carbon media and connected to a fan to filter unwanted smells and particles inside your tent.

If you want to keep your cannabis growing discreetly, a carbon filter is a MUST.

Many growers use a carbon filter to keep unwanted scents and odors that can seep into their or their neighbor’s house.

2: CO2 Supplies

CO2 Supplies

Increasing the CO2 levels in your grow tent can boost yields and cultivate healthy plants.

CO2 is a compound that plants use to create glucose, which is a necessary building block for plant growth.

CO2 supplies like tanks and regulator kits are PERFECT for grow tents where space is limited.

A CO2 tank can be placed outside the tent with a tube that goes inside to circulate the CO2 evenly.

If you maintain CO2 levels of 1,500 PPM, you can see a 100% increase in your yield.

3: Oscillating Fans

Oscillating Fans

If it’s not obvious, air quality is essential to increase yields.

Among the best accessories are oscillating fans.

Plants use up CO2 pretty quickly, so an oscillating fan lessens humidity and helps circulate fresh air inside the tent.

Keeping the indoor air condition consistent allows you to grow healthier and stronger plants.

Air movement helps prevent mold growth by lowering humidity.

You can easily clip an oscillating fan to the tent pole, so you can save on space.

4: Drying Racks

Drying Racks

It’s also worth considering how you’ll cure your plants before you harvest them.

If you plan to dry them, keep the stems and use drying racks. On the other hand, if you want to wet-trim your cannabis plants, you must remove the stems first.

Either way, drying racks are great accessories to keep the aromas of your plants when you harvest them.

Drying racks are made from woven mesh that encourages airflow to dry your buds. Without proper airflow, you might encounter some mold problems.

They are split into multiple compartments, which lets you sort your flowers and ensure that they aren’t overcrowded as they dry.

5: Intake Ventilation Kit

Intake Ventilation Kit

Intake ventilation is PERFECT for serious growers who want to make the best growing environment for their plants.

It combines the benefits of a carbon filter and CO2 supplies: intake ventilation increases CO2 levels and promotes airflow.

On top of that, this accessory also has the ability to keep bugs and pests out!

Having good intake ventilation ensures you have complete control over the temperature inside the grow tent.

You can do this by installing inline fans or carbon filters for better air circulation.

Most intake ventilation kits on sale are also relatively inexpensive.

6: Humidifier and Dehumidifier

Humidifier and Dehumidifier

As I mentioned, atmospheric control is KEY to maximizing yields.

When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, humidity is a significant concern. Depending on where you live, a humidifier or a dehumidifier can help keep humidity at the optimum level.

A simple exhaust fan won’t be enough to keep the ambient humidity right if you live on the coast.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers help balance out extreme humidity and temperature changes in the environment.

You can also connect the exhaust fan to a humidistat that can trigger the fan to maintain the humidity levels when it gets too high or low.

7: Sticky Traps

Sticky Traps

Using sticky traps is a great way to keep pests out of your growing environment.

You can include a few sticky traps in your grow tent to minimize pests from attacking your cannabis plants.

Blocking access to your grow tent can help prevent insect infestations and protect your growing buds.

8: Trellis Nettings

Trellis Nettings

For growers who want to generate high yields in a limited growing environment, trellis netting is worth considering.

Netting keeps your greens organized, especially with a technique that relies on large plant numbers.

Trellis netting gives your plants maximum light energy.

With outdoor gardening, the lower parts of a plant generally remain in the shadows. Using a trellis netting ensures that light can reach down to the soil.

Combined with a powerful grow light like LED, you can give your plants the best growing environment.

Netting is a good addition to promote better lighting in grow tents even if you’re not using the SOG technique.

9: Vent Covers

 Vent Covers

For the most serious growers who want to SAFEGUARD their grow tents from unwanted elements, vent covers are your best bet.

They are placed in ventilation holes to minimize dust, dirt, and insects. If you want proper intake ventilation, a vent cover is a must-have.

Alongside ventilation fans, humidity control, and grow light, this accessory gives you more control over your grow tent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grow tents are great additions that make your indoor gardening life better.

Below are related questions that can help you better understand grow tents and accessories:

How Does a Grow Tent Smell Like?

One of the biggest hurdles with grow tents is the smell.

A grow tent can emit a foul odor within three weeks of planting, specifically during the flowering phase.

Cannabis contains terpene, a compound that gives the plant its characteristic smell.

You can expect a grow tent to smell like shabby cheese without proper equipment like humidifiers or exhaust fans.

How Many Plants Can I Grow in a Tent?

It would depend on the grow tent size you get.

The most common sizes are 4×4, and 4×8 grow tents, which can fit four to eight medium-sized plants.

A good rule of thumb is to allow a 2×2 grow space for each plant pot.

What Materials Are Used to Make a Grow Tent?

Grow tents are composed of an outer lining, an inner reflective lining, and metal poles.

The outer lining is generally made from a durable canvas, such as nylon or polyester.

The inner walls consist of mylar, which is a highly reflective material.

Alongside the heavy-duty poles, the materials of a quality grow tent are designed to be hardwearing and as reflective as possible to raise light energy.

What Are the Best Brand Accessories for Grow Tents?

Many grow tent brands offer add-ons to go with their tent kits.

I recommend getting accessories from the same brand where you got your tent kit, so you know it’s compatible.

You can shop Vivosun or Gorilla Grow Tent accessories, two reliable brands that produce quality grow tents.


Whether you’re a seasoned grower who wants to up your next grow or a beginner looking for a complete grow tent kit, there’s an accessory worth adding.

Any of these tent accessories are a great investment to make your life easier and increase yield.

Dry your flowers faster, keep odors out, and control the temperature with high-quality accessories.