7 Best 4×4 Grow Tent Kits You Should Buy

A reliable grow tent is essential for growers who want happy indoor plants.

It can help plants thrive, even without receiving natural light and air. 

With the right conditions inside a 4 x 4 grow tent, plants can thrive as if planted outdoors.

Today, we will review some of the market’s best 4 x 4 grow tents. Get your pen and paper ready, and let’s start growing plants.

7 Best 4 x 4 Grow Tent Kits

best 4x4 grow tent kits

There are a lot of 4 x 4 grow tents out there, and we’ve listed the top 7 the market has to offer. Let’s go through each of them and find the best one for you!

1) VIVOSUN 4 x 4 Grow Tent – Best Overall

The VIVOSUN 4 x 4 grow tent is the overall package. It’s easy to assemble, durable, and has awesome features you’ll love exploring.

Right off the box, you can set up and install this tent without breaking a sweat. It’s so easy to assemble and hardly requires any tools. Even amateurs can assemble this 4 x 4 grow tent!

On the outside, this grow tent looks nothing spectacular. But inside, that’s where everything shines.

This 4 x 4 grow tent can block the light from coming in and out. It helps ensure that the grow light conditions remain stable at all times.

With its 100% reflective mylar material, you won’t have to worry about light leaks.

But what we love about this 4 x 4 grow tent is its observation window. We don’t have to keep opening the tent, and we can check on our plants from the outside.

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  • Doesn’t have any side doors
VIVOSUN 4 x 4 Grow Tent
Rating: 4.8/5

2) AC Infinity CLOUDLAB Advance 4 x 4 Grow Tent – Best Value for Money

The AC Infinity CLOUDLAB grow tent is one of the most advanced and complete setups we’ve found today.

It already comes with the essential accessories you need for having a hassle-free growing experience: a water-resistant floor tray and tool organizer.

You can focus on planting without worrying about where you placed your tools.

Speaking of planting, you can create the most optimal climate inside the tent.

Thanks to the smart controllers on this tent, you can set the perfect light and air conditions for the whole year.

Finally, true to its name, this 4 x 4 grow tent can fit in even the smallest of spaces. You can store it in your garage, closet, and room!

Who said you need a large growing space all the time?

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  • Impressive lightproof sealing design
  • Easy cleaning pull-out tray
  • Sports viewing windows
  • Comes ready with a controller mounting plate
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  • Heavy compared to other tent kits
AC Infinity CLOUDLAB Advance
Rating: 4.7/5

3) Zazzy 4 x 4 Grow Tent – Best Budget Pick

You don’t have to break your budget when you choose the Zaggy grow tent. It comes at an affordable price tag, retailing for less than $100!

For its price, you’d be impressed with the awesome features this 4 x 4 grow tent has.

The tent features a 600D tear-proof mylar, ensuring that the growing conditions remain stable all year round.

Couple this with high-quality zippers and you’re sure no light leaks and enters the tent.

You can also find adjustable duct ports for the input and output ventilation, ensuring proper circulation all the time.

Setting up this tent hardly requires effort, which is perfect for beginners. Cleaning the tent is also just as easy, thanks to the waterproof floor tray. 

Pull it out to wash and remove any dirt or leaves.

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  • Very affordable 4 x 4 grow tent
  • Sports an observation window
  • Heavy-duty zippers to keep light from escaping
  • Lightweight and portable
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  • Material is not as thick as other 4 x 4 grow tents
 Zazzy 4 x 4 Grow Tent
Rating: 4.6/5

4) Spider Farmer Grow Kit – Best All-in-One Grow Kit

Hydroponics is the future when it comes to growing plants indoors! The Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit is an all-in-one product that can help you get started. 

A fair warning, this grow kit doesn’t come cheap. It retails for over $500, which is off-putting for some. 

But for us, the price is pretty worth it, considering you’ll already have powerful Samsung LM301B grow lights and an inline fan. 

A key to having a successful hydroponic setup is a well-regulated glow light and air filtration system. 

The Samsung LED grow light is everything you need to get your plants to bloom from the start until the end.

This powerful 200w grow light also sports an intuitive switch; adjusting the brightness will be easy. 

The inline fan with this grow tent setup is just as powerful. It sports an RC412 carbon filter, giving it superior air filtration. 

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  • Beautiful sleek all-black design
  • Heavy duty zippers 
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Powerful inline fan and Samsung LED grow light
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  • The tent size is smaller than other grow tents
Spider Farmer Grow Kit
Rating: 4.5/5

5) ViparSpectra Indoor 4 x 4 Grow Tent – Best Lightweight Tent Setup

One of the main reasons that attracted us to the ViparSpectro grow tent is its weight. It has an overall weight of 28 POUNDS, which is half what other models have. 

This makes the tent easier to transport and move around the house. This is perfect for people who can’t decide where to put their tent. 

Despite being lightweight, the quality of this tent is top-notch. The tear-proof material can withstand the usual wear and tear and won’t break down on you during transport. 

What we also love about this grow tent is its vent sockets. It comes in multiple sizes, perfect for different duct fans. It can keep the air quality in good condition all day long. 

Now, you don’t have to worry about dust and insects getting in the grow tent. The mesh cover lets you keep your plants happy and protected inside. 

So even if you want to put this tent outdoors, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

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  • Easy to transport
  • Modern and sleek-looking design
  • Comes in different shapes and sizes
  • Highly light proof
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  • Material quality could be improved
ViparSpectra Indoor
Rating: 4.4/5

6) MARS HYDRO 4 x 4 Grow Tent – Best Professional Grow Tent

Professional growers who want to level up their indoor planting experience should check out the Mars Hydro grow tent.

Mars Hydro has been around for over a decade and has some of the best equipment for growers! The Mars Hydro grow tent kit is no exception, and here’s why. 

The zipper is a common problem with most 4 x 4 grow tents. Most often than not, the zipper gets stuck, and it causes a rip on the whole zipper system. 

Thankfully, we didn’t experience this with the Mars Hydro tent, even after several attempts. This translates to a long zipper life and better tent insolation. 

Despite being a 4 x 4 grow tent, we were happy with how many pots we could put inside the Mars Hydro. But once the plants start to grow, we’d have to move them to a bigger growing space. 

All this is put together by the highly durable metal poles of the tent. It’s rust-resistant, and you don’t have to worry about its paint chipping. 

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  • Durable metal frame
  • Perfect for cultivating seeds
  • Sufficient head-room
  • Not prone to zipper jamming
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  • Reports of light leaking from the Velcro
Rating: 4.3/5

7) Gorilla 4 x 4 Grow Tent – Best Heavy-Duty Grow Tent

Let’s face it. Many brands claim to have a heavy-duty grow tent. But if there’s one brand out there that can talk the walk, it’s the Gorilla Grow Tent Store. 

The Gorilla Grow Tent has been popular for its outstanding durability for many years.

After checking out this grow tent, we finally learned its secret. The tent is made of 1680D material, which is the thickest material you can find out there.

The interior walls are also highly reflective, which can help support your light system. 

The metal poles on this tent are just as strong and durable as its material. Believe it or not, the poles can hold up to 500 pounds! That’s approximately 2 to 3 humans hanging on the pole! 

This means that you can also set up hanging indoor plants if you want to utilize the headroom of this tent. Now that’s an outstanding value for money!

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  • Adjustable metal poles for more headroom
  • Strong interlocking frame
  • Energy-efficient diamond reflective lining
  • Industrial strength zippers
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  • Very expensive
 Gorilla 4 x 4 Grow Tent
Rating: 4.2/5

What Are the Benefits of 4 x 4 Grow Tents?

It’s always handy to have your grow tent, especially for cannabis enthusiasts.

You don’t have to get your supply anywhere else, and you can pick straight from your indoor growers!

But what other benefits do 4 x 4 grow tents have besides convenience? We’ve listed some of the reasons below which would convince you to get a grow tent now.

1: Circulates Clean Air

There is a big difference between planting with and without a grow tent.

Growing cannabis outdoors can be challenging because it is exposed to various conditions. Sometimes, this results in an unsuccessful attempt to grow cannabis plants.

The beauty of indoor growers is that you can regulate the air inside the tent. There’s a ventilation system that always supplies clean and fresh air each time.

We recommend using an inline fan with a carbon filter to preserve indoor air quality. 

2: Conserves Energy

People often think that 4 x 4 grow tents consume a lot of energy, especially with all the equipment needed. Believe it or not, grow tents are energy efficient.

You control all factors needed to grow cannabis plants, such as light and air.

Tempering the settings may be tricky initially and even energy-consuming. But once you’ve found the right settings, you won’t have to worry about this problem anymore.

3: Optimizes Light

The insides of a grow tent are typically equipped with reflective material. This prevents light from leaking and helps with light reflection.

One of the beauties of a tent setup is that you can utilize the light system the way you want. 

We always recommend choosing a high-quality LED grow light, ceramic metal halide, or high-pressure sodium grow light for your kit.

4: Eliminates Pests

Pests are our number one enemy when it comes to the survival of our plants. Some eat the leaves away, while some can leave the whole plant sick.

Luckily, having a grow tent setup eliminates this problem. Now that they’re indoors, you won’t have to worry about pests getting to your plants.

Not to mention, you won’t need pesticides anymore.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best 4 x 4 Grow Tent Kits

There are a lot of 4 x 4 grow tents out there, each coming with its own set of unique features. Choosing which grow tent to pick will be a challenging task.

To help narrow your search, we’ve listed some of the essential factors you need to consider before buying a grow tent.

1: Size

Some people underestimate or overestimate the size of their grow tent setup. We don’t want this for you to happen.

As a general rule, always measure the space where you plan to put the tent setup. Only then can you find a grow tent kit that fits your space.

Also, take into consideration how much cannabis you want to plant. Having a large tent setup will be ideal if you want a lot.

But if you only want a few cannabis plants, a 4×4 grow tent should be enough.

2: Thickness

The thicker the grow tent is, the better. At least, that’s a motto we always live by.

In general, having a thicker tent means better insulation and durability. The tent should be able to withstand the daily wear-and-tear, as well as external heat.

Having a thick grow tent ensures that the inside remains at a stable temperature and growing conditions.

3: Weight Limit

People often need to remember to ask about the weight limit of their grow tent.

Your grow tent should be able to hold your hanging plants and other equipment like grow lights and ventilation.

This means that your grow lights and ventilation system shouldn’t be a fall risk to your plants. Just imagine how much waste that would cost you if that happens.

4: Price

Before buying a grow tent, always set a budget for yourself. Ask yourself the question: “How much are you willing to spend” or “How much can you spend?”

The beauty of grow tents is that you can always find one that suits your budget. Regardless of how much you’re willing to spend or can spend, there’s always a choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the FAQs we get about grow tents below. Hopefully, this helps you decide whether you need a grow tent setup at home.

How Many Plants Can I Grow in a 4 x 4 Tent?

You can comfortably plant up to 6 to 12 pots in a 4 x 4 grow tent.

Most growers would stick to this number, while some would plant more despite it already looking crowded.

In general, there is no problem doing this. Crowding your plants indoors might affect the way it grows.

It would be best to consider that some plants bloom and require more space once the leaves grow.

How Much CFM Do I Need for a 4 x 4 Grow Tent?

Knowing how many Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) for your 4 x 4 grow tent is a must! We can’t emphasize enough how important this is to have a proper ventilation system.

For a 4 x 4 grow tent, we recommend choosing a 215 CFM. It’s enough to bring in air and keep the air quality good inside.

PRO TIP: Always go for vents that use a carbon filter for better air purification.

How Do I Set Up Proper Grow Tent Ventilation?

Setting up a good ventilation system for your 4 x 4 grow tent can be challenging. You need to know the proper placement of the vents to have a proper exhaust system.

Grow tents usually require two types of fans:

  • Intake fan
  • Extractor fan

Intake fans bring clean and fresh air from the outside and are usually placed at the bottom of the tent. Most fans usually use a carbon filter, which provides the best air quality. 

Extractor fans, on the one hand, exhaust all the air out and are placed on the opposite side of the intake fan.

What’s the Ideal Temperature for a 4 × 4 Grow Tent?

The temperature inside your grow tent should be anywhere between 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure to temper your grow lights and that it isn’t too hot or bright for the plants.

We recommend putting a temperature indicator inside the tent, so you can keep track and stay updated with the internal temperature.

Top Picks

Before we end this review, we’d love to mention our top three 4 x 4 grow tents.

Best Budget Pick: Zazzy 4×4 Grow Tent

The Zazzy 4 x 4 grow tent is perfect for both beginners and amateurs who want to explore indoor planting.

Considering all the impressive features you get for its price tag, this tent is a steal. 

It already comes with provisions for your lights and vents for you to have an easy setup.

Best Value for Money: AC Infinity CLOUDLAB Advance 4×4 Grow Tent

The best value for money award goes to the AC Infinity CLOUDLAB. It’s perfect for both professional and new growers. 

Although it’s not the most affordable in the market, it is surely a high-performance grow kit when used with the right equipment!

Just plug in your grow light and ventilation system, and your grow kit is complete. 

Best Overall: VIVOSUN 4×4 Grow Tent

Thanks to the VIVOSUN 4 x 4 grow tent, growing healthy plants has never been easy. It can prevent light from seeping out and regulate air quality well. 

With over a decade’s experience in the market, VIVOSUN knows what makes the best grow tents. 

All that’s left is to complete your grow kit and find the best grow light and ventilation system for your growing needs. 


A grow tent is one of the best ways to simulate a proper growing environment. You can regulate the air and light for your plant to thrive!

The next time you’re looking for the best 4×4 grow tent for your small apartment, remember to check back on this list.

We hope you enjoyed this article! Let us know in the comments which you think is the best 4 x 4 grow tent and why. We’d love to hear from you!