How to Quickly Dry Weed in 9 Methods | Benefits, Risks, and Results

So you’ve got yourself some freshly harvested buds grown from quality cannabis seeds.

What’s next? It’s time to dry and cure them!

Marijuana buds that go through proper curing will undoubtedly result in a far better and smoother smoke. They will smell nicer and be more potent too.

However, if you don’t mind not having these cured buds, weed can still be harvested, dried, and smoked without the curing. Sure, you’ll have your weed fast, but they won’t be as pleasant.

In a rush for a smoke? Check out our beginner’s guide for how to quickly dry your weed like a pro!

9 Ways on How to Properly Dry Your Weed

The drying and curing process of your marijuana buds may not be as effortless as it may seem. But at least you won’t need to shed a ton of cash on equipment.

With brown paper bags, a cookie sheet, an oven, or even simply with the sun, you can dry your own weed easily!

Here is a list of ways to quickly dry your weed. However, for the highest quality yields, it is still best for your marijuana plant to dry slowly.

Method 1: Baking the Buds in an Oven

Drying weed in an oven is also known as Decarboxylation. This may not be the best way to dry cannabis, but it is indeed the fastest. You’ll have your desperate smoke in minutes!

Baking buds in the oven can lose some cannabinoid content in your crop. You’ll likely have crispy buds if not done right too.

So we highly encourage taking only a small sample when doing this method. You should be willing to possibly lose some marijuana in the process too.


  1. To bake your buds in the oven, set your oven temperature to 125°F or 50°C or the lowest heat possible.
  2. Place your popcorn buds on a single thin layer of parchment paper on a baking tray. Place the oven tray on the center rack and let the weed bake for 8 to 10 minutes.
  3. Afterward, remove the tray and flip the buds from the baking sheet and bake them for another 5 minutes.
  4. Once completely baked, remove the baking sheet and have it cooled completely on a drying rack.


Perhaps, you will get a mediocre version of the marijuana you’ve grown. With that in mind, this should be the last method to try.

If you’ve mustered enough patience, consider the full drying and curing process for a better experience.

Method 2: Brown Paper Bag and Computer Fans

Brown bags are a great medium for drying buds that won’t break the buck!

Plus, fans in your computers that cool down electronics produce warm air hot enough to speed up the drying process of your buds inside the brown paper bag.

This is done by consistently pushing warm air out of the computer’s case.


  1. Pop some popcorn buds in a brown paper bag and put them in a cool, dry place.
  2. Regularly check your buds in the brown paper bag. On their own, they should dry completely in a week.
  3. But if you’re in a hurry, you can speed up the process with a handy laptop or computer fan. After drying your weed in the paper bag for 2 to 3 days, take them out and place them on a paper towel.
  4. Place the paper towel directly into the airflow of your computer’s cooling fans, flipping sides every ten minutes.
  5. Repeat this process until the buds are completely dry.


Drying marijuana buds this way will sacrifice a bit of the flavor. It will feel a bit harsh, especially when exhaling out the smoke.

However, its potency or cannabinoid levels will remain high.

Method 3: Sun Drying Buds in Brown Paper Bags

Another way to dry weed fast is to place them under direct sunlight. This old-school method of sun drying weed has been done by outdoor farmers for years.

Although the heat from direct sunlight can decrease the quality of your bud, you can’t deny it gets your cannabis buds completely dry fast!

For this method, you will need paper bags and a nice warm day.


  1. Make sure to check the forecast. It is best to dry your weed for at least two consecutive sunny days. Do this in the morning when it is hot and bright outdoors.
  2. Put a handful of your trimmed buds into brown paper bags. Secure the top of the paper bag by folding it several times.
  3. Use a heavy item like a flower pot or chair to weigh your brown bag down, keeping it from being blown away by the wind.
  4. In the evening, grab your brown bags and bring them in. Check whether they have dried up nicely. If they haven’t, repeat the sun drying process for another day.


When you expose your buds in a brown paper bag to direct sunlight, you are degrading the quality of your cannabis.

Again, it’s not the best method for drying cannabis, but it gets the job done in a pinch!

Method 4: Drying Buds in the Boiler Room

You can find a boiler room in just about every home. This chamber is kept warm, maintaining relative humidity to a minimum from the hot water it regularly creates. This environment makes a boiler room the perfect space for drying cannabis quickly.

However, using a water boiler room should only be an option if you’re living privately. You don’t want any complaints from neighbors.

And because you have an entire room for drying, you can dry both small buds and large buds!


  1. For small buds, place them in brown bags and keep them inside the boiler room for 3 to 4 days. After this waiting period, check your brown paper bags to see whether or not they are already dry to touch. If the small buds are still moist, return them to the boiler room and wait another day or two.
  2. For larger buds and colas, hang them on the walls with some strong twine. Allow larger buds to dry for 6 to 7 days. Check for moisture and dryness after this period. If they are still moist, add another day or two.


The number of days for your buds to dry, no matter their size, will depend on the level of moisture and exact temperatures of your water boiler room.

Raising the temperatures on your hot water heater will speed up the process. But keep in mind, this will spike up your utility bills too!

This method may still result in lower quality weed. However, compared to other methods, it has a much lower impact on the flavor and potency of your weed.

Method 5: Hanging Buds to Dry in a Dark Room

This is perhaps the longest method on this list but is also one of the best solutions for drying cannabis.

After getting a fresh harvest of weed, hang them up in a dark, dry room. Properly dried weed can be achieved after 7 to 10 days. This period can be sped up with the next method on this list.


  1. Choose a big enough room with good airflow. Make sure there is no way for light to enter it too. Walk-in closets or watertight sheds make good options.
  2. Create a hanging system for your weed. You can use a rack and some strings. Hang your weed upside down.
  3. Position a fan in a corner of the room to allow increased air circulation.
  4. Leave the weed to dry for about 7 days. Check afterward for dryness. If it is still moist, wait for another 2 to 3 days.


Hanging buds to dry will produce the best weed compared to other drying methods, especially when allowed to dry for at least a week. It’s a great method to make the most out of your quality harvest!

Method 6: Drying By Electric or Gas-Powered Heater

To speed up the drying process from hanging weed in a dark room, you can make use of an electric or gas heater.


  1. Hang your weed upside down. Make sure they are not too close to each other to keep it away from mold developing.
  2. After hanging up your weed in a dark room, use the heater to dry the buds. This should lessen the drying period to a day.
  3. Keep the weed in the heated room overnight or for a few hours. Check whether the buds are dry to the touch.


Overheating or heating the weed too quickly can result in a very unsatisfactory taste.

Method 7: Drying Buds in a Microwave

Drying marijuana in a microwave will need a few additional supplies. Aside from your microwave, gather up some sheets of paper towel, a microwavable container with a lid, and of course, your buds.


  1. On the bottom of your container, place a paper towel and put your weed on it.
  2. Take two more paper towels and dampen them with water. Lay the wet paper towel over the top of the container, then cover it with the lid. Close it except for a small corner to allow steam to exit.
  3. Set your microwave at 40-50% power and steam for a minute. Allow the steam to evaporate for 15-20 seconds.
  4. Check on your bud. If the bottom paper towel is wet, replace it.
  5. Re-steam and repeat the whole process for another 3-5 minutes until the bud is dry.


Quick drying buds in a microwave is better than baking them in an oven. But not significantly better. You can still lose some flavor and potency.

Method 8: Drying Buds With Silica Gel or Desiccant Packs

Desiccant packs or silica gel can be bought in stores and auto shops. These are designed to get rid of moisture, making them a good drying medium for your cannabis buds.


  1. In a mason jar, place your cannabis buds and your silica gel bags or desiccant crystal bags together. Close the lid tightly.
  2. Allow the silica gel or desiccant packs to soak up all the moisture from your buds for a few days.


You will get your weed dried up fast without sacrificing the flavor and potency of your smoke.

The smaller the jar, the better for less air overall, speeding up the drying process.

Method 9: The Freeze Drying Process

Perhaps the most efficient method to quickly dry your cannabis is by freeze-drying them.

Especially when using a high-quality bud, this method will ensure you get the most out of your harvest.

An industrial freeze-drying machine is necessary to dry your weed. You must be knowledgeable about its chemistry to get optimal results too.


  1. Freeze your weed in a low-pressure vacuum chamber. The unit turns all moisture in your weed into water.
  2. The machine will then suck all the water crystals from your weed through the vacuum. This process will only take about 21 hours to complete.


Freeze-drying machines are expensive and require specific knowledge. They are suitable for commercial-scale farmers.

However, it is indeed an efficient way to quick-dry your weed while retaining its natural terpenes, cannabinoids, and potency without any moisture.

Why Is It Important to Quick-Dry Your Weed Buds?

To enjoy the cannabis strain you are cultivating, taking your time to dry and cure your weed is essential. However, there are also reasons why quick-drying buds are necessary.

When a grower is testing a new strain, they may want to see whether the plant is ready for processing. Quick-drying will allow you to get an early sample of your hard work.

Although oftentimes, people result to quick-drying their weed when they are running low on their stash.

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Drying Weed Buds?

When you are growing quality cannabis seeds, ideally, you should take your time to dry and cure your weed.

Drying refers to the process of evaporating as much water after your harvest.

Curing is storing buds in a sterile and airtight environment to allow the natural sugars and chlorophyll in the buds to decay.

The THC in your bud is activated through this process. Some quick-drying methods mentioned above may disrupt the THC potency of your bud.

As much as possible, take at least 14 days to dry and another 14 days to cure your cannabis buds.

The Benefits

Drying and curing cannabis has a myriad of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Improved Potency – cannabinoids under the right conditions can be maintained or increased, improving the potency and quality of the weed.
  • Improved Sensory Experience – with proper curing, terpenes, the molecules responsible for cannabis plants’ flavor and aroma, can be protected.
  • Smoother Finish – without proper drying and curing, smoke can taste bitter and hard on the throat.
  • Increased Shelf-life – cured cannabis can be stored for up to two years without losing integrity.

The Risks

Quick drying can degrade the quality of your weed. Other risks include:

  • Mold Growth – excess water in your weed, if not dried out enough, can attract unwanted bacteria.
  • Contamination – if not dried and cured properly, your whole production can be at risk of bacterial contamination, which can cause serious health problems to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve got you covered with answers to relevant questions about how to quickly dry your weed:

How Do You Dry Bud Quickly?

All of the methods mentioned above can dry your bud quickly. For how long should weed dry? It depends on your preference.

The fastest would be to place your buds on a baking sheet and bake them for 10 minutes at a temperature of 125-140 degrees Fahrenheit. For even drying, flip the buds every few minutes or so.

This technique is quite successful at eliminating the moisture from the bud, but may not retain its potency and flavor.

The traditional slow 2-week dry and months of curing is still the best way to go.

Can You Flash Dry Buds?

YES, you can quick-dry cannabis through the following mentioned methods above, or more advanced flash-drying methods done by industrialized growers.

Many commercial grow operations rush the drying process and skip the cure entirely because they prioritize profits.

With the increasing demand for weed, the product has been vastly commoditized at the expense of the quality bud.

Can Buds Dry in 3 Days?

YES, buds can be dried in just 3 days. It is faster to dry buds alone than to dry them on cannabis branches.

After drying trimmed buds for around 2 to 3 days, check whether they are dry to the touch. Most of the time, they are. If not, check again the next day.

Can You Dry Weed With a Heater?

Drying cannabis with an electric heater will lower humidity and raise the temperature. This is an ideal environment for drying weed quickly.

However, make sure to keep a close eye on the temperature. Overdoing it can destroy your beautiful harvests!

Can You Skip Curing When Harvesting Cannabis?

Although some skip curing their cannabis harvest entirely, it is not recommended.

Curing cannabis protects your plant from mold, bacteria, and other forms of degradation. It also increases the lifespan of your stash without it losing its flavor and potency.

When you cure cannabis, you are securing its therapeutic components of terpene and cannabinoids. You are also lacking in its aromas that can be experienced for weeks or even months since its harvest.


There is no judging as to why you would want to quick-dry your freshly harvested cannabis buds.

Whether for a quick smoke or to test a sample of your crop, we hope the 9 methods we listed above were of great help!

Just remember, practicing the proper drying and curing process is still the best way to preserve the quality of your harvest. Faster isn’t always better.

Growing cannabis takes months before a harvest — what more for a few more days?