12 Best Cannabis Seed Breeders & Seed Banks | The Ultimate 2023 Guide

If you are keen on choosing your favorite high-quality cannabis seeds and strains, you should also be sharp in selecting the seed bank you can rely on.

Shop from the best seed banks with the best deals, customer service, stealth shipping, and more!

Start your cannabis grower journey with these 12 best cannabis seed banks of 2022.

11 Best Cannabis Seed Banks

best cannabis seed breeders

Cannabis seed banks are storehouses that supply growers to kick off growing marijuana seeds.

The good news is that there are many of the BEST seed banks to choose from.

The not-so-good news about it is not everyone is a reputable marijuana seed bank that will supply you with high-quality weed seeds.

But, we will give you the best marijuana seed banks you can trust!

1. Seedsman – Best Overall


Notable Qualities:

  • 4,400+ high-grade strains
  • Offers multiple payment methods
  • Associated with over 60 reputable seed banks

Seeds and Strains Offered:

  • Classic cannabis seeds
  • Auto-flowering seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Blue Dream
  • Starberry Cheesecake
  • Girl Scout Cookies

If you are looking for an online seed bank that offers a wide variety of high-end cannabis seeds, then Seedsman is your man!

They have feminized seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, your favorite strains such as OG Kush, White Widow, and Purple Haze, and rare seed strains. They’ve got you covered!

Seedsman is also a man of freebies! If you buy seeds in large volumes, you will get free seeds.

They are also one of several seed banks that ship worldwide, which is good news for people who are outside the U.S. and want their cannabis seeds to be delivered safe and sound.

Your cannabis seeds are guaranteed delivery! Your seeds will be sealed in a small cardboard box or airtight padded envelopes to prevent suspicions.


  • An immense variety of cannabis seeds
  • Provide informative guides for new growers
  • Stealth shipping
  • Free shipping in bulk orders


  • Poor customer service
  • The website needs an upgrade
  • Slow shipping speed in the U.S.

2. Crop King Seeds – Best Value


Notable Qualities:

  • 500 new seeds
  • Great genetics
  • 80% germination rate
  • 2-7 days U.S. shipping speed

Seeds and Strains Offered:

  • Regular
  • Feminized
  • Auto-flower seeds
  • Mix and Match

The Crop king seeds are the best Canadian seed bank with various cannabis strains and hemp seeds.

Crop King Seeds gain points for their accessible and friendly website topped with germination guides for new cultivators and filters to help you find quality cannabis seeds.

They also garnered thousands of positive reviews from serious customers. They have high germination rates of 80% to 100%. Amazing, right?

The brand also puts a premium on their shipping, making them the King of Shipping.

They have reasonable shipping terms. A charge of $10 and $30 for regular and express, and you can avail of free shipping for packages over $300.

The best part? Their swift delivery time is only 2-7 days in U.S. time.


  • Provides germination guides
  • Safe Delivery
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Free shipping is only for over 300 orders

3. ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) – Best Budget Pick


Notable Qualities:

  • Germination guarantee
  • Monthly promos
  • Extensive materials and blogs
  • Growing resources and 24/7 flower support

Seeds and Strains Offered:

  • Beginner seeds
  • Auto-flowering seeds
  • High THC
  • Indoor and outdoor seeds
  • White Widow
  • Grandaddy Purple Super Skunk
  • Gorilla Glue

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is definitely a reputable seed bank. The quality is never compromised because a germination guarantee backs them.

Bonus! They offer cheap prices for marijuana seeds and currently dispense big sales and discounts!

They have top-tier customer service, which shows how they garnered an average rating of 4.8/5 from more than 4,000 user reviews via TrustPilot.

They have stored 100+ cannabis seeds which are relatively lower than other online seed banks. But this will narrow your choices so you can easily select the best seeds.

Another good thing about ILGM is its packaging. Your marijuana seeds come in discreet envelope packaging that looks like ordinary mail. But nothing illegal is written on it to attract attention.

If your cannabis seeds are stopped in the mail, ILGM will deliver you extra seeds for free!


  • Great customer service
  • Extensive collection of high-end cannabis seeds
  • Stealth packaging
  • Cheap prices


  • Additional fee for tracking of the shipping ($25)
  • Lower variety of cannabis strains

4. Seed City – Best in Rare Seed Strains


Notable Qualities:

  • Unique weed strains
  • 4.8/5 Trustpilot score
  • Budget-friendly delivery
  • Lower prices

Seeds and Strains Offered:

  • Classic Cannabis seeds
  • Auto-flowering seeds
  • Hybrid
  • Feminized
  • Banana Kush
  • Mjolnir Runtz Cake

Seed city is an expert for its distinctive strain collection that will be perfect for experimental weed growers who are into breeding weeds.

Though they highlight hybrid seeds, you can still purchase from their classic cannabis, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds.

Not only is Seed City an expert in producing high-quality cannabis seeds, but they are also genius in packaging.

They will pack your marijuana seeds in a crushproof tube and place them in a gift-like package or put it in an envelope and tuck it in DVD cases.

This is excellent news for customers who reside in areas where the legality of marijuana is still strict.


  • Stealth shipping
  • Offers discounts and free cannabis seeds


  • The website could use a little upgrade

5. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best in Promotional Offers


Notable Qualities:

  • Germination guarantee
  • Massive discounts

Seeds and Strains Offered:

  • Autoflowering cannabis seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Outdoor seeds
  • Mixed seeds
  • CBD

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a French-Canadian seed bank that ensures guaranteed germination.

They deliver high-quality marijuana seeds faster, especially if you live in the U.S.

Though they fall short on the variety of marijuana seeds, they still have some awesome features.

They offer weekly discounts, usually up to 10-25%, but occasionally they can offer up to 50% off. This can be your go-to seed bank if you have a tight budget.

No need to worry about conversions, as they permit payments in USD, but be aware of their 3.8% credit card fee.


  • Fast delivery in the U.S.
  • Offers discounts


  • Lacks variety of cannabis seeds
  • No return policy

6. Herbies Seeds – Best Selection


Notable Qualities:

  • 4.7/5 Trustpilot score
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Constant deals and promos
  • Multiple payment methods

Seeds and Strains Offered:

  • Classic cannabis seeds
  • Feminized
  • Auto-flowering
  • High THC and high CBD seeds
  • Fast flowering
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Incredible Bulk
  • Auto Duck
  • Northern Lights

Herbies Seeds is now one of the most known seed banks to buy marijuana seeds online, and they have the best-feminized seeds on the market.

Buy with confidence! They offer a great variety of over 3,000 cannabis seeds to provide you with a luxury selection.

Herbies Seeds have a germination guarantee that prepares you for new seeds if more than a third of your seeds fail.

A downside of Herbies Seeds is that you possibly have to wait 19-23 days for your U.S. order.

To make up for that, they have default stealth shipping for areas with strict laws towards marijuana seeds like the U.S.

They will cloak your cannabis seeds in a ziplock or a DVD case for a safe package delivery away from party poopers.


  • Massive range of cannabis seeds
  • Friendly website
  • Reliable shipping


  • Slow speed delivery
  • Poor customer support

7. Ministry of Cannabis – Best Fresh Seeds


Notable Qualities:

  • Stores fresh seeds
  • Expert in genetic development
  • Speedy shipping

Seeds and Strains Offered:

  • Feminized seeds
  • Autoflowering cannabis seeds
  • CBD
  • Auto White Widow
  • God’s Glue

The Ministry of Cannabis is one ministry that you can depend on! It gained numerous patrons for its quirky feature, the rotating seed stocks.

It is one of the best seed banks that ship fresh cannabis seeds.

You can get your hands on your package in just 24 hours to 48 hours, depending on the distance.

They also ship worldwide and have a delivery guarantee policy, so if your package gets lost, they will send you more seeds for free.

They also have above-average customer support but do not have a germination guarantee.


  • Above-average customer support
  • Stealth shipping


  • Lacks of promos and discounts
  • Does not offer a germination guarantee

8. Seed Supreme – Best in Payment Methods


Notable Qualities:

  • Wide strains variety
  • Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins accepted

Seeds and Strains Offered:

  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering

Seed Supreme will be your choice if you prefer multiple payment methods, as they accept cryptocurrency and special discounts for Bitcoin. Now, Bitcoin holders can save a pretty penny.

They offer a good selection of seeds and strains. If you are particularly looking for auto-flowering and feminized seeds, then you are in the right seed bank.

For starters, they also provide blogs and guides that will help you take good care of your seeds and female cannabis plants.

Plus, you will also get extra seeds with every order.

Not to worry about the delivery, as they utilize toys, eco pens, and gifts for discreet delivery.

Their guaranteed delivery would help you request a reshipment if you did not receive the package.


  • Offers loyalty service program
  • Discounts when you pay via bitcoin
  • Guaranteed delivery


  • Lacks customer service

9. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Best Guaranteed Delivery


Notable Qualities:

  • Over 100 strains
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Excellent customer service

Seeds and Strains Offered:

  • Auto-flowering
  • Feminized
  • Medical
  • Outdoor
  • Dutch Passion

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds assure you that they would provide the highest quality for serious cannabis growers.

You can narrow your choices with their over 100 strains of regular, feminized, medical, and cannabis cup winner seeds.

However, this could be a drawback since many growers prefer a cannabis seed bank with an enormous selection of seeds and strains.

Nevertheless, to help make for it, they are one of the seed banks that ship worldwide.

You can even select your region from the Amsterdam Seed Supply Region Selector and help you find the best strains suitable for your area.


  • Offers free shipping
  • Easy to navigate website


  • Lacks some seed variety
  • Slow shipping speed

10. Marijuana Seeds NL – Best in Freebies


Notable Qualities:

  • Wide variety of popular strains
  • Offers multiple payment methods
  • Fast shipping pace

Seeds and Strains Offered:

  • Medical seeds
  • Autoflowering seeds
  • Male and female seeds
  • High THC and CBD seeds

One of the most reputable seed banks for both first-time and experienced growers.

It is a good seed bank for freebies. You can get seven more seeds with every order, whether medicinal seeds, auto-flowering or feminized marijuana seeds, or high THC seeds.

The medical seeds are accepted because you will sometimes end up with low THC seeds, which will help soothe some conditions when the buds are ready to harvest.

Avail up to 50% off cannabis seeds for an array of shipping options with guaranteed safe delivery.

You can find some extensive guides on their website that are useful if you are starting to set up your grow space, lighting, nutrients, harvesting, and many more.


  • Extra seeds for every order
  • Complete guides for first-time growers
  • Discreet delivery


  • No germination guarantee

11. Beaver Seeds – Best in Genetics


Notable Qualities:

  • 24-hour shipping to the U.S. and Canada
  • High-quality cannabis seeds with coupons and freebies
  • Excellent customer service

Seeds and Strains Offered:

  • Regular marijuana seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Devil’s Crack
  • Alien O.G.

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Beaver seeds proved itself to be one of the most reputable marijuana seed banks.

You can guarantee you’ll get the premium seeds and high-end standards with the finest genetics possible so that you can produce alluring cannabis plants during harvest.

For discreet shipping, your cannabis seeds will be concealed in random things such as toys and T-shirts.

They also have a fast delivery pace, as you can get your hand on your weed seeds in just three days to a week if you are in the U.S.

A downside is they don’t offer a germination guarantee, only germination guides that will help you get advice on strains and seed cultivating.


  • Fast and stealth shipping
  • 24/7 email response
  • Provides germination guides


  • No germination guarantee

12. Sonoma Seeds – Best Cannabis Website


Notable Qualities:

  • 80% germination rate
  • 500+ strain selection
  • Fast and reliable support

Seeds and Strain Offered:

  • Auto-flower
  • Feminized
  • CBD seeds
  • High in THC
  • Purple Kush
  • Acapulco
  • Juicy Fruit

Sonoma seeds have a lot to offer for cannabis enthusiasts.

It is one of the best marijuana seed banks that provides premium seeds and sticks to its motto of growing marijuana organically.

They have a wide variety of strains, plus the featured ones and new cannabis offers.

You can also get ten free seeds if you spend over $420. When you buy, you can opt to pay using money transfer, Interac e-transfer, credit, cash, and bitcoin

They have sensitive order information, which you can find on their friendly-to-use website.

You can sign up for their newsletter group to receive the latest updates on products, discounts, deals, and more.


  • Easy to navigate website
  • Accept multiple payment options


  • Free shipping only if you spend more than $200

What Are Online Cannabis Seed Banks and How Do They Work?

A cannabis seed bank is where the seeds are gathered and stored in their dormant form to preserve their genetic diversity.

The storage facility considers all the necessary conditions to sustain the longevity of the seeds.

A seed bank works at low temperatures to maintain the dormant form until it’s time to plant them.

When buying quality cannabis seeds online, consider how they have been taken care of to ensure that the germination rate is high and seed banks ship your package carefully.

Things to Consider When You Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

So, how to choose a good seed bank?

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Research for the best seed banks that put a premium on the quality of the seeds and the strains, as well as the delivery policy, customer service, discounts, and payment methods.

1. Website

The best online seed bank should also have an easy-to-navigate website.

Designed with a friendly interface to help customers find their way in to easily buy marijuana seeds online.

You should be able to find a one-stop shop that offers convenience as you choose seeds and strains, along with its payment methods and extensive library resources.

2. Strains and Genetics

Any good cannabis seed bank should always have various strains you can choose from.

Leave any seed bank with zero variety and choose one with its seeds correctly organized.

If you are hesitant to choose the strain, try to buy the marijuana seeds that are popular options on the site. This will give you a hint as to what users are vouching for a good performance.

When searching for the best cannabis seeds, you will encounter choices such as auto-flowering, feminized, high in THC and CBD seeds, etc.

These classifications are based on genetics, so buy seeds from a seed bank with commendable experience developing the best genetics for cannabis seeds.

In most cases, you can find a cannabis seed bank that is also breeders, so better check their overall experience in breeding to help you get seeds with good genes.

3. Guaranteed Delivery

If you buy cannabis seeds online, ensure that the seed bank has guaranteed delivery and stealth shipping.

Of course, you want your high-quality seeds to be safe and sound until you get your hands on them.

You would not want to have problems with customs, so look at how they package the delivery to avoid suspicions.

Most seed banks in this list offer discreet shipping, as they disguise the packets of weed seeds in an envelope, toys, T-shirts, gifts, DVD cases, etc.

There are also online seed banks that offer delivery guarantee policies, such as Seed Supreme and Ministry of Cannabis, which provide reshipment in case your package gets lost.

4. Customer Service

You should look for a marijuana seed bank with good customer service,

Some of the best seed banks, such as ILGM and Marijuana Seeds Nl, provide an extensive collection of guides for first-time growers and are definitely a plus for customer service!

This is one factor that customers in the U.S. always consider.

The excellent treatment matters, where you feel it is worth spending every penny for good quality seeds and service.

One more thing, look for the medium as to how you can contact the support team. Usually, they have options for live chat, email, and phone.

There are good seed banks that make extra effort to be available 24/7.

5. Payments and Discounts

Cannabis seeds typically come in a pack of 10 or 12 seeds for $40 and up per pack. Several high-quality genetics can cost between $200 to $500 per pack.

Not that feminized and auto-flower seeds are expensive because of the breeding work and the lesser time for the cultivators to harvest buds.

Buyers should take into account promos and payment methods.

Many seed banks are not frugal when giving their customers free marijuana seeds, and you should be able to find one that is generous in offering sales to keep serious buyers.

Bitcoins are suggested as a payment method because it is encrypted and undetectable. Even so, you can still opt to pay using credit cards but be aware of the additional fees.

Nevertheless, the best seed bank should have multiple payment methods features and be active in giving customers discounts.

How to Pick the Best Type of Cannabis Seed for You

The first thing to do if you want to buy cannabis seeds is to know the different seeds you want to plant and cultivate.

Knowing the different types of cannabis seeds can help you choose the best cannabis seeds you can cultivate.

Here are the most popular seeds that you can find in various seed banks online:

Regular Seeds

A pack of regular seeds consists of male and female seeds.

Many growers choose cannabis seeds that haven’t been backcrossed, those that are inbred.

You have to sex out the seeds when their reproductive organs reveal in the flowering stage, then get rid of the males.

They don’t yield buds. Instead, they will pollinate the females, resulting in the seeded bud.

Auto-Flower Seeds

Auto-flower cannabis plants evolve from the vegetative to flowering phase with age but not by modifying their light cycle.

The good news is they have fast growth to harvest time. So, they are ready to harvest in a short period of two and a half months to three months.

The bad news they are could be less potent. Still, auto-flower seeds are great for growers who want to grow cannabis plants but don’t want to spend a lot of time cultivating them.

Feminized Seeds

When you feminize the seeds, you can save time, resources, and labor. As you can place them in the soil, they will start growing or buds.

These are secured to be bud-producing females and eliminate the process of having to set out plants and reject the males.

It will lessen the risk of an isolated male slipping into your crop. Note that a mere male can pollinate the crop and make your females generate seeds instead of buds.

These seeds are likely to produce more uniform plants than regular seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we end, we will answer some frequent questions to know before you buy marijuana seeds from your chosen seed bank:

How Can You Tell if a Seed Is Male or Female?

Gender cannabis seeds are a thing when growing weed seeds, but it is almost unfeasible to identify a female or male seed by sight alone.

You can discern the sex of a seed by utilizing a lab test or plant sex kit to test for the Y chromosome.

But you can still recognize the gender of the seeds during the pre-flowering phase. You can save the following tips to tell if the seed is a male or a female.

  • Male seeds usually extend a pollen sac at the branch joints
  • Male seeds relatively grow faster
  • Female seeds take a more extended period to grow, and they also grow light whitish pistillate.

Can I Legally Buy Cannabis in Any State?

Each state has its laws about marijuana seeds. Most of these seed banks utilize the old souvenir law to overcome legal obstacles to continue operations.

If the cannabis seeds are not germinated, they are good to go for mailing as a relic or animal food. You can find significant seed banks online with a disclaimer page.

Due to the untrustworthy seed banks selling low-grade weed seeds, it could be understandable to be skeptical about buying marijuana seeds online.

There is little risk linked with buying marijuana online; even customs laws should not be a problem.

Some people are worried they will get on the wrong side of the law if their orders are seized.

But in most cases, your cannabis seeds won’t get disclosed, as most seed banks ensure stealth shipping so that the package won’t get attention.

TIP: Experts suggest buyers against seeking rush delivery that requires a signature, as this will help to prevent you from being demanded to sign for the shipping.

What’s the Safest Way to Pay For Weed Seeds?

Cryptocurrencies and bitcoins are some of the safest ways to pay for seeds because they are encrypted and untraceable.

But since they are not widely known, you can still pay using a card only for online deals.

Remember to always report any dubious schemes.

A Recap of the Best Cannabis Seed Banks

This list should have you covered to buy Cannabis seeds online conveniently, securely, and with special deals!

In case you forget, here is a recap of the top picks for the best online seed banks of 2022:

Best Budget Pick – ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana)


ILGM has a wide variety of cannabis seeds and classic cannabis strains that you can choose from.

Providing top-tier customer service, they also created an ILGM support group to help new growers have a grip on planting marijuana seeds.

They even allure 35,000 daily to their site. This is not news, as this seed bank has more than 200 grow guides and a blog for germinating, readjusting, and harvesting techniques.

Their stealth packaging will also give you guaranteed delivery and send you free seeds in cases where your cannabis seeds are stopped in the mail.

One more thing: Besides their low prices, they also offer “buy 10 get 10 for free seeds” for limited items only.

Best Value – Crop King Seeds


Crop King Seeds is The Flash when it comes to shipping!

They are one of the best seed banks with over 16 years of experience providing high-quality seeds, including commercial and medicinal seeds.

The Canadian seed bank offers you a variety of mix-and-match auto-flowering cannabis seeds that are fit for starters.

They have guaranteed delivery, but if you fancy Express Shipping, you can spend a bit more to secure a reshipment if your packages get confined by customs.


  • Provides germination guides
  • Safe Delivery
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Free shipping is only for over 300 orders

Best Overall – Seedsman

crop king

If there’s a Grammy Award for cannabis seeds and marijuana strains, it will go to Seedsman!

This seed bank has 4,400+ high-grade strains to give you the splendor of choice that fits right into the budget.

Seedsman produces hybrid seeds. They not only breed their seeds but also collect them from different high-grade cannabis seed banks.

No wonder they have garnered an average rating of 4.5 from 10,000 user reviews.

Your delivery is guaranteed safe, as they will package your seeds in padded envelopes to throw off anyone that will get suspicious.


Searching for high-quality seeds seems like a not-so-easy task, but you can always find the best marijuana seed bank if you are eager to cultivate a crop.

Don’t forget to choose the best seed bank that has it all, from high-quality seeds and strains to free seeds, promos, and quick shipping.

Choose reputable seed banks that will treat you right!