The 8 Best African Weed Strains to Grow in 2023

Interested in trying or even growing cannabis plants to enhance your quality of life?

If weed is legal in your state and you’re curious about it, we’ve laid out a list of cannabis strains for you.

This article will discuss the best African landrace strains which belong to the most popular strains.

Benefits of Growing African Weed Strains

When it comes to cannabis, African weed strains are becoming increasingly popular. These strains are known for their powerful effects and unique flavor profiles, making them a favorite among many cannabis connoisseurs.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of growing African weed strains and why they are becoming so popular.

African weed strains are known for their unique terpene profiles that offer a variety of flavors and aromas. This can result in a unique smoking experience that can be enjoyed by both novices and experienced cannabis users.

In addition, many African weed strains are high in THC, which can lead to a powerful, intense, and long-lasting high that some people seek out.

Another benefit of growing African weed strains is that they are incredibly resilient. African weed strains are known for their ruggedness and their ability to thrive in difficult environments, making them ideal for outdoor growing.

This means that those who are unable to grow indoors can still cultivate their own cannabis.

Finally, African weed strains are extremely easy to grow. They are forgiving of mistakes and can handle temperature fluctuations better than other strains, making them ideal for novice growers.

In conclusion, African weed strains are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique flavor profiles, powerful effects, and ease of growth.

They offer a variety of benefits for both experienced and novice cannabis users, making them a great choice for anyone looking to grow their own cannabis.

What makes African Weed Strains Unique?

African strains of cannabis, also known as African weed, are becoming increasingly popular among cannabis enthusiasts all over the world.

These strains, grown in African countries like Morocco, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, are renowned for their unique aroma, flavor, and effects.

Overview of African Strains
African weed has a distinct flavor and aroma, often described as earthy and herbal with a hint of citrus.

The effects tend to be energetic and uplifting, and are often used to help with stress and fatigue. Some of the most popular African strains include Durban Poison, Moroccan Hash Plant, and Red Congolese.

The climate in African countries is ideal for growing cannabis. The warm, sunny days and cool nights make them perfect for cultivating high-quality weed. The nutrient-rich soil also helps to create a unique flavor and aroma.

Growing Conditions
African weed is typically grown outdoors in the natural environment. This allows the plants to get plenty of sunshine and fresh air, while also benefiting from the nutrient-rich soil. The plants are often grown organically, without the use of any artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Overall, African weed strains are unique in both their flavor and effects. The warm climate and natural growing conditions create a product that is both high-quality and unique. Cannabis connoisseurs everywhere are sure to enjoy the distinctive flavor and uplifting effects of African weed.

The 8 Best African Cannabis Strains

Marijuana needs excellent weather conditions to perfect the cannabis cultivation process. Prolonged and continuous sunlight produces the BEST cannabis strains!

That’s why Africa is optimal for cannabis production and is the origin of famous Sativas.

Here are the 8 best weed strains originating from Africa:

1. Durban Poison

Durban Poison Marijuana Strain

Durban Poison is one of the most popular landrace marijuana strains. This has been known for its overwhelming psychedelic high and robust cannabinoid.

Cannabis growing dates go far back as the 14th century. Durban Poison was originally cultivated by the Khoikhoi and San community tribes in South Africa.

Durban Poison has been hybridized with Indica genetics out of the original Durban.

It combines spicy and fruity aromas with a unique taste that immediately causes blissful effects.

The “poison,” in the name Durban Poison, is the feeling of being highly energetic and uplifted.

For a challenging activity like off-road driving or trekking, Durban Poison is an AWESOME strain for such activities!

Creative minds turn to Durban Poison for inspiration and concentration in creating their next masterpiece. Aside from its direct ecstatic effect, this is also known for its medicinal benefits.

2. Malawi Landrace Strain


The Malawi landrace strain (a.k.a Malawi Gold) is originally from the Salima region of Malawi, South Africa.

This is among slender plants with a sturdy central stem.

Like other Sativas, it gives inexplicable bliss and uplifting effects! Interestingly, most locals use it for pain relief, eye infections, and toothaches.

No wonder dentists weren’t so popular back in the day!

The flowering period of Malawi Gold takes around 16 weeks. Because of the long periods of flowering cycles, it is harder to grow.

That explains why it is EXTREMELY RARE. Only experienced growers can cultivate this strain.

You might take an interest in growing your Malawi Gold and cultivating a rainbow garden!

3. Swazi Gold

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

The Swazi Gold, a.k.a Nguni, originated in Swaziland, South Africa. These mango-smelling buds have very high THC amounts ranging from 18% to 27%.

Unlike other strains, this one is much easier to cultivate but will produce strong cerebral effects once consumed.

If patients intake smoked Swazi Gold, they should experience several medical uses, including:

  • Anti-inflammatory relief from minor pains like nausea or headaches.
  • Increase appetite of patients dealing with appetite suppression
  • Temporary remedy for mild to moderate stress or depression
  • Concentration for those with attention deficit disorders

NOTE: This South African cannabis is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or with a low THC tolerance.

4. Moroccan Landrace Cannabis Strains

Moroccan Landrace Cannabis Strains

These cannabis strains, known as Kif, originated in northeast Morocco in North Africa’s Rif Mountains.

Moroccan landrace strain GROWS SHORT and has minimal branching with strong central colas.

This is by far the easiest strain to grow both indoors and outdoors.

It can grow almost anywhere as it can withstand droughts and high temperatures. It can even thrive in poor soil with very little water or nutrients.

These are also the fastest-flowering Sativas in the world.

You can plant this anywhere without much TLC; the next thing you know, your backyard is flourishing with Sativas!

Its sweet honey fruity aroma and minty taste are one of its unique characteristics. It has about 10 to 15% moderate THC levels, enough to experience a relaxing and sedating high.

Even though it is quick to grow, the joyful high it gives can be gone just as quickly. You might take the whole yard as its effects don’t last long!

5. Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain

Hindu Kush landrace cannabis strains originated from the Hindu Kush’s mountain range, on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The flowering time of these plants is 7-8 weeks when grown indoors and is ready for harvest outdoors by late September.

The cultivation of this cannabis strain is pretty simple.

The main effect of Hindu Kush is the couchlock feeling. It is HIGHLY recommended for users who have insomnia.

NOTE: You should not use it if you want to stay active during the day.

This will give you a slowly-mounting high that begins with a sense of physical relaxation and a feeling of heavy sensation in the limbs and head.

It is a very effective numbing agent for chronic pain, an anti-nausea treatment, and a stress reliever. However, overdosing on this strain can cause anxiety.

If you haven’t had a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP in a while, this strain is the remedy!

6. Zim-Licious


This strain originated in Zimbabwe, South Africa. It is collected from the South African border on foothills around the fast-flowing rivers near Victoria falls.

This Sativa strain is among those one-of-a-kind. It is medium-tall in height, and its buds are slender and puffy with white hairs.

Its popularity is high, which causes a rush of endorphins. One toke of this strain will heighten your sense of well-being.

This Zim-Licious Sativa strain acts as if it TICKLES your soul!

In Africa, the locals would tie and hang the bud from strings in huts, the elders consume tea, and the younger folks smoke this landrace cannabis strain in pipes.

I doubt there’s even a single dull moment among their tribes, no sir!

Zim-Licious derives from a specific place, so it is limited too. But if anyone can mimic that environment, they will win MASTER NUGS.

7. Sotho Heights

Sotho Heights

This landrace cannabis strain is located in the high mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho, and locals call it “Matekoane.”

Seeds of Africa Sotho Heights are only available in a regular seed.

The plants are Sativa dominant. You can tell by how they grow with a tall stature of around 150cm and very loose and spiraling central colas.

Growing this plant can be a little challenging. It will test your growing ability and patience to successfully cultivate it.

The efforts for cultivating this plant will be worth it as it has remarkable healing properties. Locals used this to treat high blood pressure and asthma.

It has a unique aroma that gives out an energetic feeling! It can boost your creativity too.

Aside from that, Sotho Heights helps with stress relief and can lift your mood if you’re feeling down – better than fake happy thoughts!

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want to get things done in the day. It is suitable for when you feel tired or lazy.

8. Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro, an early flowering African Sativa, originated on the mountain slopes of Tanzania.

This plant grows vigorously like other tall plants.

This pure Sativa strain is grown in the Kenyan hills near the eastern side of Kilimanjaro.

It is one of the South African landrace strains cultivated originally by indigenous tribes for religious practices and named the “elephant stomper.”

This strain has about 18% of THC levels. You can get hyper and energizing effects with its smooth smoke. It also has a sweet smell and fruity flavor.

The Kilimanjaro cannabis strain can help you rid muscle cramps, backaches, headaches, and even spasms. These cannabis landrace strains can be better than your multivitamin!

Talk about 60 years of back pain at the age of 30! This cannabis strain is your remedy.

What Is an African Landrace Strain?

African landrace strains are weed strains that originated in the African continent. Landrace cannabis strains grew wild in a specific geographical area.

African Landrace Strains Native to Their Continent

There are several landrace cannabis strains that originated throughout North and South Africa:

Northern Africa

Cannabis has been a part of the culture in North Africa for centuries.

This area is known for being the only area outside of Asia in which Indica landrace strains grow natively.

Northern African landrace strains more closely resemble their Middle eastern cousins, with strains tending to be resinous indicas and producing resinous buds:

  • Ethiopian The Ethiopian herb is a plant that has a mellow yet potent effect that comes in waves. This will make you and your mind feel good, happy, alive, and optimistic. It allows you to feel positive sensations without a single negative thought entering your head. You best prepare your favorite dishes, as this strain will increase your appetite!
  • Ketama – These Northern African landrace strains give euphoric proportions and an uplifting feeling. This effect can last for a good two or more hours. It will start very quickly at the beginning and then slowly wears off without making you feel tired.

Southern Africa

South African Landrace cannabis strains see uniform characteristics, including elongated shape, sturdy central stems, and widely-spaced buds.

African landrace strains, known for their truly medicinal benefits, are sought for their energetic and uplifting high and are primarily Sativas:

  • Kwazulu – South African Kwazulu is a pure Sativa landrace strain that originates from the slopes of Drakensberg ridge in South Africa. It has a THC level that’s above 20%. This plant has a relaxing high mix of psychedelic effects and positive feelings.
  • Rooibaard Weed – These are South African landrace Sativa strains that originated in Transkei. Also known as Swazi Red or Redbeard, a rare plant with a strong high. With its potency combined with clarity, you’ll feel energetic with an uplifted mood for hours.

Where Can I Find Other Sativa Landrace Strain?

There are nine locations where marijuana naturally grows, including Africa. But the most popular places are Mexico and Jamaica.


People are turning to cannabis Sativa strains to find medicinal remedies.

Some just plainly want to feel good.

They’ve searched the Jungles of Southern Africa and cultivated rare strains in Northern Africa to find that one GREAT STRAIN.

How to cultivate them and why people are cultivating them is surprisingly interesting!

We hope this article helped you feed your curiosity about the top African weed strains out there.